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Yang Jiechi: Wen Jiabao’s Visit to North Korea Makes Progress on Denuclearization

Premier Wen Jiabao visited North Korea from October 4 to 6. Minister of Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi who accompanied Wen to North Korea commented that Wen’s visit brought two great results: 1. It deepened the traditional friendship between China and North Korea. 2. The visit resulted in active progress on pushing for Korean Peninsula Denuclearization. North Korea expressed that denuclearization was the will of its former head Kim Il-sung. It wishes to change the US-Korea relationship from a hostile to a peaceful relationship. It is willing to return to the Six Party Talks, depending on its negotiations with the US.

Source: People’s Daily, October 6, 2009

Foundation Receives 20 Million Yuan for Overseas Chinese Language Education

On September 7, Hong Kong Agile Property Holdings, Ltd. donated 20 Million Yuan to China’s Chinese Language Education Foundation.

The Foundation was founded in 2004. Its mission was to raise funds from overseas connections to promote Chinese language education and promote cultural exchanges.

Source: Xinhua, September 7, 2009

Speaker of the Taiwan Affairs Office Commenting on Dalai Lama’s Visit

The Speaker of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council released comments on the Dalai Lama’s visit to Taiwan, stating that the Democratic Progressive Party engineered the visit of the Dalai Lama, who is a long term devoted splitter of China. We are strongly against this move. Our position is clear and firm: The Dalai Lama’s visit will surely have a negative impact on the cross-strait relationship and we will keep a close eye on this matter’s development.

Source: China Youth Online, August 31, 2009

The Fifteenth Confucius Institute Opened in South Korea

The opening ceremony for the Confucius Institute at the University of Incheon was held on August 28, Xinhua reported. This institute was established through a joint venture between the University of Incheon and Dalian University of Foreign Languages (Liaoning Province). It is the fifteenth Confucius Institute in South Korea. The first one was opened in 2004.

Source: Xinhua, August 28, 2009

Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council: Strongly Oppose the Dalai Lama’s Visit to Taiwan

On August 27, the spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council commented on the invitation some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members made for the Dalai Lama to visit Taiwan: The “Dalai Lama is not a pure religious person. He has been continuously using the religion umbrella to try to separate China. Whatever format or status that he uses to visit Taiwan, we will strongly oppose.”

The spokesperson also mentioned that people on both sides of the straight are opposed to this evil attempt to damage the good relationship established because of China’s support for Taiwan’s reconstruction after the Typhoon disaster.

Source: Xinhua, August 27, 2009

United Front Department: Media from Mainland and Taiwan “Partying” in Zhangzhou

The United Front Department of the Party Central Committee recently reported on their website about a “cultural exchange” event in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. The event involved more than twenty TV stations from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

It was pointed out in the forum that the current situation in the Taiwan Strait is undergoing significant changes and the direction is: “Big Exchange, Big Cooperation and Big Development.” The event was initiated by Zhangzhou TV and was sponsored by the State General Administration for Radio, Film and Television, the CCTV International Center, and the Taiwan China Radio and Television Society. Some Chinese government officials suggested that it is important to enhance media penetration before enhancing the Mainland-Taiwan relationship.

Source: United Front Department Net, August 19, 2009.