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China and India’s High Level Military officials Exchange Visit

On Nov. 1, Chinese Navy Commander-in Chief Wu Shenli Arrived New Deli for five-day visit. On the same day, India Air Force Chief of Staff Fali H Major also left for China for a week long visit. This is the first time in history that high level military officials from both countries visit to each other. The visit was initiated by India and China actively responded. The main task that Major is trying to accomplish is to explore the possibility of having joint military drill of air force.

Source: Xinhua, November 4, 2008

Xinhua: China Will Not Let Pakistan Go Bankrupt

Xinhua publishes an article highly touting Pakistan President Zardari visit to China from October 14 to 17. The article says that as a “friend at all times,” China didn’t disappoint the Pakistanis. During the four day visit, China and Pakistan signed 12 agreements and one joint statement. President Zardari received promise from China to help resolve Pakistan’s economic crisis. It is said that the “initial aid is US$500 million and more promised for the future.”  The article says that the “economy and trade tour” as defined by Zardari of his first visit to China is extremely fruitful.

Source: Xinhua, October 21, 2008

CRI: France’s Attitude Towards China Made 180 Degrees Change

“France’s attitude towards China has made 180 degrees change”, cited China Radio International (CRI) referring to a special program aired by French Television Station France 2 on October 9. The program was about Dalai Lama on his “autocracy ruling of Tibet” and the “little known secrets” including his connection with the CIA. There was another negative program aired earlier about Dalai by France television 24.

The article by CRI said that the move by France 2 is a continuation of series actions taken by Sarkozy in order to repair the damage done during the Olympic torch in Paris which include the “distinguished guest” treatment to the Chinese paralympian Jin Jing and the resignation of Robert Ménard as the founder of “reporter without border”.

The anti-China force has significantly damaged the France- China relationship, cited the article. While France was leading the effort, it found itself being the minority on the world stage.  The sensible gesture taken by the US and UK in foreign affairs has taught Sarkozy a good lesson… Facing the current financial crisis, it is once again put China in a very important position. As the gravity of the crisis remains unknown, the reliance on China could be long term”, the article said.

Source: China Radio International, October 17, 2008

Soft Power at Work û Confucius Institutes in Africa

Confucius Institutes are instrumental in bringing China and Africa closer, reported Xinhua. There are 21 Confucius Institute in 13 African countries. 10 of them have started operation with 2,000 students, the remaining in preparation stage. The State headquarters of Confucius Institutes in Beijing have provided significant support to these Confucius Institutes in terms of Chinese teachers, financial support of over $3 million, donations of over 30,000 textbooks and multimedia items.

There are 271 Confucius Institutes throughout the world in 77 countries and regions.

Source; Xinhua, October 7, 2008

China Becomes the Largest Investor in Zambia

Chinese companies have invested in over 140 projects and created 11,000 jobs, quoted Xinhua from Zambia Times. Investment tends to concentrate on agriculture, machinery processing, mining and tourism, totaling over $80 million.

Source: Xinhua, October 6, 2008