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Xinhua Blasts Paulson and Bernanke for Holding China Responsible for Economic Crisis

Xinhua publishes a headline editorial at its website rebutting the comments of U.S. Secretary of Commerce Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke that China’s high level of deposits caused the imbalance of global economy. The article is titled “Paulson and Bernanke’s Nonsense Cannot Change the Facts.” The article says that Paulson and Bernanke reversed the cause and result and it was U.S.’s low interest policy that directly caused the over-extended expenses. The article further says that if someone gets into trouble, an honest person should look within not shift the responsibility to others.

Source: Xinhua, January 6, 2009

China Government Think Tank: Obama Should Follow Bush

Researcher at Institutes of American Studies of China Academy of Social Sciences states that Obama’s policy toward China will most likely follow the transition that Bush made after 911. The article predicts that Obama will be low key in his China policy to avoid confrontation. During his term, the U.S.-China Economic Strategic Dialogue will be upgraded in rank and areas expanded. The article comments that it would be critical that Obama follows Bush in balancing the Congressional pressure and the White House position.

Source: Outlook, December 23, 2008

Xinhua: The U.S. Holds The Key To Improvement Of U.S. China Military Relations

International Herald Leader of Xinhua states that the United States holds the key to the U.S. –China military relations. The military relations are the most fragile, sensitive and vulnerable aspect of U.S.- China relations. Citing comments from military experts, the article states that the United States holds the key. “The problem is not China challenging the U.S. but the prejudice that the U.S. has against China.” “Every drawback in the military relations was caused by the U.S. interference with Chinese domestic affairs and infringement of China’s sovereignty.”

Source: Xinhua, December 5, 2008

China to Provide Scholarships to New York State University Students

China Ministry of Education will provide 10 scholarships per year from 2009 to 2012 to New York State University.  The scholarships will enable undergraduates to study for one year in China.  The State’s authorities for administration of overseas Chinese students and related funding will be responsible for admission and enrollment into Chinese universities.


Source: Xinhua, December 4, 2008

China’s Biggest Concerns of the U.S.- China Trade

Minister of Commerce expressed 4 major concerns during the 5th U.S.-China Strategic Economic Dialogue: textiles free trade, advanced and new technology trade, categorization of China as market economy, trade barriers (antidumping and countervailing duty).  Minister Chen indicated at a press event that China’s exports has suffered to a great extent now as result of the financial crisis and that therefore the U.S., China and other countries should step up the opposition to trade protectionism.

Source: Xinhua, December 4, 2008

Phoenix TV CEO Receives International Emmy Directorate Award

On November 24, the U.S. Secretary of Labor Department Elaine Chao handed the Directorate Award from the International Emmy Awards to Hong Kong Phoenix TV’s CEO Liu Changle, as a compliment to his work of bringing Phoenix TV to the TV network of more than 150 countries and areas.

[Chinascope note: Pheonix TV has received the nickname of ‘little CCTV’ in some circles, as it shares similar reporting principles on many topics. Because it is based in Hong Kong, viewers in mainland China may regard it as an overseas TV station that is more independent though it follows the Party line on many topics.]

Source: Xinhua, November 25, 2008