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US-China Relations - 154. page

Outlook Weekly: Changes in U.S.-Sino Strategic Relationship

“In this new era, the U.S.-Sino relationship will be filled with conflicts, fights, and cooperation with no major ups and downs”, claimed by Niu Xingchun, a researcher from the Chinese Academy for Contemporary International Relations. The article was published in Xinhua’s Outlook during the visit to China of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Niu summarized the following four changes in the Sino-U.S. relationship:

1. The U.S. has realized that China will grow to be a super power. It is a trend that no external forces can stop. The theory of China’s upcoming collapse has no market in the U.S. anymore.
2. What the U.S. cares about most is whether China will contribute to the current international order.
3. Even though there exist various types of conflicts between the U.S. and China, “peaceful competition and cooperation” has become the mainstream consensus in the U.S.; and
4. The U.S. has come to agree that China’s foreign strategic goal is not to challenge the U.S. in its hegemonic status in the world.

Source: Outlook Weekly, July 2, 2008

Flushing NY Residents Call for Expulsion of Pro-Communist City Council Member

On July 3, NY City Council Member John Liu had his first meeting with Falun Gong practitioners who have been targeted in the recent violence on Flushing streets by pro-Communist thugs. Previously, Liu held private meetings with the pro-Communist suspects and rejected requests from his constituents who practice Falun Gong. During the July 3, 2008 meeting, Liu’s constituents called for Liu’s expulsion from City Council for his pro-Communist conduct unbecoming of an elected official. Calls were also made for FBI’s investigation of Liu’s ties with Chinese Communist regime.

Source: Epoch Times, July 3, 2008

Xinhua Article Calls Reporters without Border a tool of Western Anti-China Force

Xinhua newspaper Global Times published a commentary article attacking the organization “Reporters without Borders (RSF).” The article, titled “Uncovering ‘Anti-China Too’—‘Reporters without Border’s Inside Story, calls RSF a wandering ghost, anti-China radicals, and the front runner and tool of Western anti-China forces. The article also speculates that the U.S. can hit two birds with one stone by utilizing Menard [RSF’s Secretary General]: giving the Beijing Olympics a “negative” spot in history; and benefitting from [the fight] if Beijing retaliates against France because RSF is a French association.

Source: Xinhua, July 1, 2008

Research Report by Chinese Scholar: U.S. Food Weapon Is Approaching China

Xinhua newspaper International Herald Turbine reports: after one year’s research at the farms in the United States, Zhou Li, associate professor at the Institute of Agriculture and Development of China’s People’s University, has completed his report “The Food Politics and Food Weapon of the United States.” He concluded that in the current international food crisis, a well-schemed “conspiracy” (by the U.S) was neglected by the international media. He said that “the monopolized manipulation by the world’s food giants is the real reason behind the food crisis.” And “in the developed countries under the United States, the big food companies have formed ‘Food Empire’ and have controlled the politics and economy of many developing countries.” He believes that food crisis is the result of the Empire’s expansion and that U.S.’s food conspiracy has already affected China.
Source: Xinhua, June 18, 2008

Xinhua Article: Offense and Defense Switch Position in the China-U.S Economic War

In a report by Xinhua newspaper International Herald Turbine on the Forth China-U.S. Strategic Economic Dialogue held in Annapolis, Maryland (June 17 and 18), the article concluded that in The United States Naval Academy where the dialogue is held, the situation of “U.S. playing offense, China playing defense” is turning around. Different from the past dialogue that U.S. side repeatedly demanded China to “solve problems,” China now confidently talked to the U.S. side and proposed constructive suggestions. The article compared the dialogue as a show of “big countries dancing together.

Source: Xinhua, June 20, 2008

China BBS Forum: “Kung Fu Panda” is Unwelcomed in China.

On June 17, three people were protesting outside of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television against the movie “Kung Fu Panda” entering China. The messages on the banner reads: “We will not allow Hollywood to make money in China after we survived the natural disaster”; “Get out! Hollywood”; “Get out! Kung Fu Panda!”

The comments posted along with the pictures noted that according to unverified sources, the reason to call for banning “Kung Fu Panda” is because people were upset with Spielberg’s letter dated in February 2008 withdrawing as an artistic advisor to the Beijing Olympics. Kung Fu Panda is due for release in China on Friday June 20.

Source: Sina, June 16, 2008