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Global Times: The U.S. Alone Cannot Decide on the Status of the Iranian Agreement

Immediately after U.S. President Donald Trump announced he would refuse to certify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement, the Global Times published a commentary. The commentary stated that Trump is determined to go down the path of unilateralism and once again triggered a global disagreement with the EU, Britain, France, Germany, and Russia. The Agreement is the fruit of negotiations between six countries (the U.S., China, Britain, France, Russia, and Germany) and Iran. The final agreement was a UN registered international multilateral agreement. However, since day-one, the United States has treated it like a deal in which the U.S. can do anything it wants. If a single country can easily overturn an agreement, it will set a poor example for the North Korean issue, which may never arrive at a trust-worthy deal. The commentator questioned the benefit of driving Iran to restore its nuclear program. Isn’t the nuclear threat from North Korea bad enough?

Source: Global Times, October 14, 2017

Guangming Daily: 30 Million People in China Suffer from Depression

According to an article that Guangming Daily published, 30 million people in China who are between the ages of 20 and 60 suffer from depression. Depression is ranked at the top in the occurrence rate of mental illness. In addition, over 80 percent of mental health patients do not receive proper treatment due to a lack of medication, an insufficient treatment plan, and the frequent switching of medications. These people suffer from slow reactions, memory loss, delusions, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, and insomnia. Currently, mental health treatment facilities are lacking in rural areas. Experts are calling for more community based facilities to be built to help these patients.

Source: Guangming Daily, October 13, 2017

Duowei News: Beijing Tightened Requirements for Street Cleaning and for Security Measures

Duowei News reported that, prior to the 19th National Congress, Beijing required that the streets, especially in Tiananmen Square must be cleaned and the dust level must be kept at less than 5 kilograms anywhere a person sits. It has also increased its security measures, which include that no self-service is allowed in gas stations; highly dangerous chemicals must be reported; using a drone for commercial advertising and using firecrackers are banned; nearby factories, especially chemical plants, were ordered to shut down to ensure that blue skies could be seen during the conference.

Source: Duowei News, October 14, 2017

RFA: As Increased Security Measure, Facial Recognition Cameras Installed Prior to 19th National Congress

Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported that, as part of China’s increased security measures, Chinese authorities have installed facial recognition video cameras on street corners or in stores to monitor public activities. Manufactured in Shanghai and Hangzhou, the cameras are equipped with a resolution capability of tens to millions of pixels and can isolate individual faces and automatically enable their surveillance capabilities. The cameras were installed in major cities in China prior to the 19th National Congress. In Chongqing city alone, during the trial period of less than one month after the cameras were installed, over 40 suspects were arrested. The article also reported that, based on an internal document that RFA  obtained, the Chinese authorities have been collecting people’s online comments, income, and the frequency of their vacations in order to analyze their professional and financial situation so they could determine whether the individual belongs to a “target interest group.” A petitioner told RFA that, in order to ensure there would be no disruptions during the 19th National Congress, Beijing has tightened up security measures including more frequent inspections of people’s personal identification cards. The eating establishments for the businesses along Chang An street were ordered to shut down starting October 10.

Source: Radio Free Asia, October 13, 2017

Chinese Scholar Predicts that, in 20 Years, the World Will Be Only China and a Foreign Country

Jin Canrong, who is Vice President and Professor at the Institute of International Relations at Renmin (People’s) University of China, published an article in Global Times (Huanqiu) claiming that, in 20 years, China will rise to be “tops” in the world.
Jin stated that China has completed the necessary reforms and a revolution of the social structure for industrialization. He said, based on the current growth rate, that in 10 years the scale of China’s manufacturing industry will exceed the sum of the U.S., Japan, and the E.U.  In 20 years, from the perspective of the manufacturing industry, the world may only have two “countries.” One will be China; the other will be a “foreign country.” Furthermore, China’s scale will be greater than the “foreign country.”

In conclusion, he pointed out that after the success of industrialization, China’ interest in globalization and global governance will increase. Especially in 2016 at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China proposed “China programs” on many international issues. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that China is gradually moving towards a complete modernization.

Source: Duowei News, September 19, 2017

Attack of Taiwan Student’s Protest Is Example of Mainland Threat to Democracy and Security in Taiwan

According to an article that Duowei News published on September 25, National Taiwan University rented out its track field for an event called Sing! China – – Shanghai Taipei Concert, a cultural exchange program set up between the mainland and Taiwan. During the preparations, the field was damaged. A group of students from National Taiwan University went to the university track field to protest the Sing! China – Shanghai Taipei Concert.  The students planned to seek repairs of the damage  to the track field and to question the approval process of renting the university venue to a third party. At the scene, members of the pro-mainland Unionist Party physically attacked them. The protest turned into a bloody sight. Police arrived 40 minutes after the initial phone call and several students were hospitalized.

The incident that took place at National Taiwan University concerned people who recognized that the Chinese Communist Party controlled the local gang members who carried out the action. They observed that the concert has become part of the mainland’s United Front effort in Taiwan. In a news article Taiwan Central News Agency reported that the police department launched an investigation into incident at National Taiwan University. The article also stated that the police department arrested a few gang members who participated in political protests using certain political groups as a cover. In a separate article, Taiwan United Daily News reported that a group under the mainland’s Taiwan Affairs Office is alleged to have hired gang members to execute plans to attack democracy in Taiwan. The Minister of the Interior vowed that such an espionage effort would not be tolerated in Taiwan.

Duowei News, September 25, 2017
United Daily News, September 29, 2017
Central News Agency, September 29, 2017

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