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Leadership: The CCP Was Forced to Reverse the “Be Grateful to the CCP” Education Campaign

On March 5, the Wuhan Party Secretary, Wang Zhonglin, ordered people to conduct a “be grateful” education campaign to lead the Wuhan people to “be grateful to Xi Jinping and be grateful to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”

Chinese netizens gave it an overwhelmingly negative response.

As a result, the CCP was forced to change its position. It removed the “be grateful to the CCP” article and officials in Hubei and Wuhan thanked the people instead.

Epoch Times reported that an official document, said to be the minutes of a State Council Information Office meeting, has circulated on the Internet. The minutes, dated March 7, stated that Changjiang Daily’s report on Wang Zhonglin’s “be grateful” education campaign has resulted in an enormous public response. The public opinion on this issue has been as heated as the public responses on the death of Dr. Li Wenliang, the whistle blower doctor. “After communicating with Hubei Provincial and the Wuhan Municipal leaders, and obtaining the CCP Central’s approval, (we ask) that: Changjiang Daily (newspaper under Wuhan Party Committee), the Wuhan Announcement (the official WeChat account of the Wuhan Internet Information Office), and Wuhan Television should remove the articles from their original sites. Other media should not fIllow or comment on this issue! Whether it is for domestic propaganda or international propaganda, whether it is from the Central government or from local government, whether it is online or off line, everyone should follow the directions (from the top) and cannot do things based on their own will.”

Radio France International reported that, in an attempt to soothe the public antagonism, Wang Zhonglin said on March 8, when visiting a neighborhood community in Wuhan, “Wuhan is a heroic city. The Wuhan people are heroic people.”

Ying Yong, the Hubei Provincial Party Secretary also said on March 8, “Wuhan is a heroic city. The Wuhan people are heroic people.” “I am expressing my sincere gratitude to the Wuhan People, the Hubei People.”

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Image of the meeting minutes of a State Council Information Office meeting, requesting to delete Wang Zhonglin’s order of the “Be Grateful to the CCP” education from the original source:

1. Excerpt in Chinese:



Source: Epoch Times, March 9, 2020

2. Excerpt in Chinese:



Source: Radio France International, March 9, 2020中国/20200309-疫情中提倡感恩教育遭批-王忠林反转要感谢-武汉英雄人民