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Stability Control: Facial Recognition Even If Wearing a Face Mask

As almost every Chinese has been wearing a face mask amidst the outbreak of the coronavirus, Beijing has been actively working on enhancing its capability to monitor people’s faces.

Hanwang Technology Co, a high-tech intelligent pattern recognition company headquartered in Beijing, announced that it has developed a new facial recognition technology to use against people who are behind face masks. The company started the project in January and finished it in about a month.

Hanwang claimed a 95 percent accuracy against people wearing face masks and 99.5 percent accuracy against people without face masks.

Hanwang offers two products based on this technology. One is a single channel product that can be used at the entrance of an office building. The other is a multi-channel recognition system that can be connected with multiple monitoring cameras; it can identify each face instantly from a group of over 30 people.

The primary customer for these products is the Ministry of Public Security.

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Source: VOA, March 9, 2020