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Local Government: After Announcing Unlocking the City, Qianjiang Reverted Back to Lockdown

Qianjiang City, Hubei Province is 100 miles away from Wuhan with a population of 1 million. Starting on January 17, 2020, it stopped all entertainment activities in the city  and became the first city in Hubei and also in China to implement certain “lockdown” measures. As a result, the infection count in the city was the second lowest among all cities in Hubei Province. As of March 10, it had an accumulation of 198 cases (including 179 cured and 9 deaths).

On March 10, the Qianjiang Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Center issued Order No 26 stating that the city would resume normal production and life in a few days. All traffic checkpoints would be removed, all public transportation would resume, and all companies would resume production.

Many media covered the story and praised the city.

However, on March 11, the Command Center issued Order No 27, announcing the cancellation Order No 26 and that the city would continue strict traffic control and people control.

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