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Public Opinion: Netizens Relay Posting of “The Person Who Handed out Whistles” Article

In its March 2020 edition, China’s People Magazine (note: different from the People magazine in the United States), a publication under People’s Publishing House, published an article called, “The Person Who Handed out Whistles.” However, within three hours, the Communist region removed all posted versions.

The article talked about Ai Fen, Director of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Wuhan Central Hospital, which treated several coronavirus patients in December, 2019. Ai Fen took a picture of the diagnose report of “SARS coronavirus” and sent it to some doctors including Dr. Li Wenliang. Dr. Li Wenliang then sent the message to a WeChat group, including the picture, and became the whistle blower. Ai is thus considered to be the person who handed Dr. Li Wenliang a whistle.

Chinese netizens were very disappointed in the government’s Internet control and started to relay the posting of the deleted article. However, their postings were soon deleted. Then people translated the article into different languages and kept posting it. The different languages that were used include: 1. Traditional Chinese, 2. Mirrored Image, 3. English, 4. Martian language, 5, Braille, 6. Upside-down Image, 7. Garbled version, 8. Obituary (an Ancient Chinese writing style), 9. A rewrite in the Classic Chinese language, 10. Hand-writing, 11. Morse Code version, 12. No Letter version, 13. Vertical layout (read the article vertically), 14. German, 15. Binary code, 16. Voice…

Netizens told Radio Free Asia, each version might exist a few hours, or just a few minutes, before the Communist regime deleted it. Since several versions were not readable, people passed them around not for others to read but to protest and to release their anger towards the authorities’ Internet control.

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Excerpt in Chinese:



网民秦霂发文写道,文章被删除后,全网开始了接力赛,先是将文章粘贴复制到其他的平台,但存活的时间普遍很短暂,于是一场前所未有的可以称之为史诗级别的转载奇观发生,1繁文版、2反文版、3英文版、4火星文版、5盲文版、6倒文版、7乱码版、8篆文版、9文言文版、10手绘版、11摩尔斯密码版、12无字版、13最新竖排版、14德文 、15进制编码版、16、语音·····等等这种史无前例发方式复活。


Source: Radio Free Asia, March 11, 2020