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Local Government: Wuhan Ended Its Lockdown, but the Risk Is Still There

MSN Chinese reported that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) reopened the city of Wuhan on April 8, after it had been locked down for 76 days starting on January 23.

The Wuhan Group Corporation of China Railway Administration said that 55,000 people bought tickets to leave Wuhan on the first day it was unlocked. About 40 percent of them will go to the Pearl River Delta Region, which includes Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and several other cities in Guangdong Province.

Flights to cities in China will be reopened gradually. But flights to Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and other foreign countries will not resume.

MSN also reported that, on April 6, Health Times, a newspaper under the CCP mouthpiece People’s Daily, reported that Yang Jiong, an expert at the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, said that according to the recent three days of data, about 0.15 to 0.3 percent of people in Wuhan are asymptomatic carriers. That is about 10,000 to 20,000 people. However, the article from Health Times was later deleted.

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Excerpt in Chinese:

2019 新型冠狀病毒( COVID-19 )疫情爆發地湖北省武漢市,在 1 月 23 日封城後 76 天,今( 8 )正式解封,水陸交通恢復營運,但中國媒體呼籲民眾「解封不等於解防」警報並未完全解除,流行疾病專家更擔憂,無症狀感染者可能高達 2 萬。

中國鐵路局武漢集團公司,據售票情況估計,今日將有 5.5 萬名乘客搭火車離開武漢,其中約 4 成前往珠三角地區。乘客進入武漢地區的車站,必須持健康碼、測量體溫後才能搭車。

據中國民航局通告, 8 日起,往返廣州、上海、深圳等 30 個都市的航線將逐步恢復營運,但因疫情防控需要,湖北省個機場的國際航線、港澳台,以及往返北京航班暫不恢復。

據中國官媒人民日報社旗下的《健康時報》 6 日的報導,武漢大學中南醫院呼吸與危重症醫學科專家楊炯教授表示,根據最近 3 天的數據推測,武漢無症狀感染者比例約 0.15% 至 0.3% ,大約有 1、2 萬的人口。

Source: MSN, April 8, 2020武漢今解封%EF%BC%8155萬人搭車離城-專家警告無症狀者約2萬/ar-BB12ikY8