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Diplomacy: The CCP Asked Wisconsin Senator for Praise, but Got Condemnation in Return

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has launched a diplomatic campaign, in which its diplomats are asking officials in other countries to praise the actions that China has taken to contain the coronavirus epidemic.

The Wisconsin Examiner reported that had happened to Wisconsin State Senate President Roger Roth. Senator Roth received two emails from the Chinese consulate staff asking that he pass a resolution praising China’s response to the coronavirus. The Chinese staff even provided a draft of the resolution.

When he received the first email on Feb. 26, he saw it was from a hotmail account and disregarded it as a prank. Then on March 10, 2020, he received a follow up. So he asked his staff to reach out through government channels. They were able to confirm that the email requests were legitimate. They were told that Chinese diplomats routinely use private email accounts because they are faster.

“Then I got mad, because that’s when [COVID-19] cases started cropping up here and you saw the problem exacerbated as we started to learn the truth,” Roth says. “I just sent them back a one-word response. I said ‘nuts.’”

Instead, on March 26, Senator Roth introduced a new resolution to condemn the CCP for concealing information and deliberately misleading the world. The resolution stated,

“That the Wisconsin Senate acknowledges that the Communist Party of China has deliberately and intentionally misled the world, suppressed vital information on the statistics and spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus both domestically and abroad, allowed millions of individuals to travel outside of the province and country despite clear warnings that the virus could be transmitted person-to-person, and engaged in active suppression and persecution of individuals looking to truthfully discuss information related to the Coronavirus, which has led to a global pandemic the likes of which has not been seen for generations;

“That the Wisconsin Senate hereby stands in solidarity with the Chinese people, condemning the actions of the Communist Party of China in the strongest possible terms, and acknowledges that millions, both in China and around the world, are at risk of illness and death due to the negligence and hostile actions of the Chinese Communist Party.”

The date for vote on the resolution has not been announced yet.

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Source: Wisconsin Examiner, April 10, 2020

Chinese government asks Wisconsin Senate for a commendation