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Diplomacy: Germany Refused Chinese Diplomats Request to Praise China

Central News Agency, Taiwan’s official news agency, reported that, according to Welt am Sonntag, a German newspaper, recently, as a result of an effort in a diplomatic campaign, Chinese diplomats asked German officials to praise the actions that China took to contain the coronavirus epidemic.

The German Foreign Ministry had already informed the government agencies last month not to respond to Beijing’s request.

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Excerpt in Chinese:


週日世界報(Welt am Sonntag)今天報導,中國的外交官最近試圖遊說德國官員,請他們公開讚揚中國的防疫措施,不過,德國外交部已在上月建議政府各部會,不要滿足中方的要求。

Source: Central News Agency, April 13, 2020