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Propaganda and Lies: Is Zhang Jingyi from Taiwan or from China?

Recently reporters from two Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controlled media attended a White House briefing and tried to hide their employer’s identity.

The first reporter was from Pheonix Television. (See Chinascope post: Propaganda and Lies: Background of Phoenix TV Whose Reporter Spoke for the CCP at the White House Press Release).

The second reporter is Zhang Jingyi. On April 8, 2020, Zhang Jingyi asked President Trump a question at the briefing. President Trump inquired where he was from. Zhang said “Taiwan.”

However, Zhang was not disclosing the full truth. He was from Taiwan, but he worked for Phoenix Television in 2010 and joined Dragon Television under the Shanghai Media Group which is one of the largest state-owned media and cultural conglomerates in China. In the context of President Trump’s question, he should have replied with the name of the company he is working for, which is the Shanghai Media Group.

The Taiwan Mainland Affairs Council spokesperson expressed that they will investigate Zhang’s case since his working for a state-owned media in China has violated the “Regulation on the Relationship between People from the Taiwan Region and the People from the Mainland,” which prohibits Taiwan citizens to taking positions in mainland China’s communist party, military, and political organizations.

Charlie Kirk (Founder and CEO of Turning Point USA) tweeted on April 17:

“How do agents of the CCP keep getting access to the White House Briefing Room? This “journalist” LIED to the president, said he was from Taiwan, but he is actually with Shanghai Media Group, a CCP propaganda arm RT if he should be arrested and deported!”

Trump responded to his tweet:

“Cut him off now!”

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