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World Against the CCP: A Survey Showed 82 Percent of Chinese Netizens Chose to Support the U.S.

On April 3, a Chinese language media New Highland Vision conducted an online survey, with the question: “If the United States wanted to take down the communist regime in China, in case of a war, would you support the American army or the communist army?” It asked only Chinese to take the survey. 81.8 percent of people chose to support the U.S.; 7.7 percent chose to support the communist regime; and 10.5 percent chose to be neutral.

Previously, New Highland Vision had also done another survey of Chinese readers: “After the pandemic, the U.S. will for sure ask China to pay for damages, but China does not have money to pay for them. If the Chinese government proposes to give up certain land as the compensation, do you want to give your homeland to the U.S.?” 84.1 percent of Chinese readers chose Yes; 10.9 percent chose No; and 4.9 percent chose “hard to say.”

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Source: Liberty Times, April 5, 2020