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Public Opinion: A Tsinghua Professor Criticized the CCP’s Handling of the Coronavirus and Called for Political Reform

From May 21 to May 27 and May 22 to May 28, respectively, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is holding its “Lianghui,” or the “Two Conferences,” which stands for the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the National Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (NCPPCC). The “Lianghui” is a rubber stamp process to show there is “democracy” in China: the representatives of the people in the country can review, approve, and comment on the work of the central government and can make decisions about the personnel in the committees of the NPC and the NCPPCC.

Around the same time, Xu Zhangrun, a Tsinghua Professor, wrote a lengthy article, listing the CCP’s errors in handling the coronavirus, running the country, and holding a prejudiced ideology. He called for political reform and true democracy in China. His article was widely spread on the Internet though the CCP continues to delete it.

Professor Xu’s article makes the following main points:

  1. (The Regime’s) Politics is (to rule by) Fear, to (Survive) Disasters, and to (have Being be the) Savior
  2. There is an Interdependence between the Savage State and Totalitarian Politics
  3. (Although it is a Big Country, China Is Only) a Small Country in Human Civilization
  4. (The Concept that the CCP Promotes) a “Community of a Shared Future for Mankind” No Longer Exists
  5. Ideological Prejudice is opposed to a Rational State of Good Governance
  6. A Political Foundation (should be) Based on Truth and Responsibility

On the last point, Xu further listed eight points for the government to start implementing, to “avoid the disaster from happening again”:

  1. Reveal the true history, completely investigate the cause and the origin of the novel coronavirus, and provide the actual infection data to the public.
  2. Thoroughly go after the accountability including the highest political responsibility (of the officials) and order (them) to apologize to the people for their crimes and hand them over to justice.
  3. Release all innocent citizens including citizen “reporters” (people who reported the true pandemic outbreak situation on their own since the news reporters of the government-controlled media were not allowed to do so), human rights attorneys, religious leaders, and people who were against the authorities’ violence; stop persecuting university professors who tell the truth.
  4. Select a site in Wuhan to build a “2020 Crying Wall,” engraving the names, gender, and birth and death dates of all victims of this pandemic.
  5. Select a site in Wuhan to build a “Righteous People Statue” for the eight whistleblowers (they told others about the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan but the authorities punished them) and for the one person “who handed out the whistle” (referring to Aifen who provided the infection information to the whistleblowers) to promote citizen’s integrity and public justice.
  6. Require the government to set up a special fund for the orphans whose parents died of coronavirus or died for treating the virus; however, this fund should not cover the orphans of the Internet police who died from overwork from deleting people’s posting on the Internet.
  7. Establish “Dr. Li Wenliang’s Day,” or China’s “Freedom of Speech Day,” to let all citizens remember the Constitution’s declaration of citizens’ rights to freedom of speech.
  8. Stop the Internet policing policy; remove the Internet Information Office’s power to violate citizen’s privacy and freedom of speech and power to admonish teachers, doctors, and writers for their thoughts; establish a law to expose officials’ assets; abolish all CCP organizations and their affiliated organizations in academic and education institutes; immediately stop the nationwide practice of forced-abolition of people’s homes and return the ownership of land back to the citizens (the CCP claims that the land belongs to the government). Further, stop the ban on establishing private media and non-CCP parties and establish a one-person-one-vote system. In all, start political reform and publish a political reform timetable.

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第一,  还原历史真相,切实查明新冠流行原因与病毒源头,特别是查明并公开真实病患数据,向全体国民如实交代。 为此,需以“国务院白皮书”形式,载明其间央地政府所作所为,尤其是今年一月三号与一月七号两个时间节点的决策过程及其内容,说明为何及时向美国政府通报疫情,却对全体国民隐瞒撒谎,致令百姓毫无防范,死伤惨重。

第二,  彻底追责,直至最高政治责任,责令向国民道歉谢罪,交由国法论处。

第三,  释放公民记者、维权律师、信仰领袖、民间抗暴义士以及一切类此原因而遭受迫害的无辜国民,停止迫害直言教授。

第四,  在武汉择地修建”庚子哭墙”,刻上所有此疫不幸遇难国民姓名、性别与生卒年月,寄托哀思,永铭教训。

第五,  在武汉择地树立包括发哨人和吹哨人在内的九君子”义民塑像”,以志永念,伸张公民气节,褒扬公义精神。

第六,  由政府出资,设立新冠遗孤与牺牲医护遗属抚恤基金(不包括删帖累死的网警)。

第七,  设立”李文亮日”,也就是中国的”言论自由日”,全民铭记言论自由、表达自由的根本宪政意义。

第八,  取消动辄微信微博封号的网警恶政,严禁网信办侵犯公民隐私、言论自由等根本违宪之专断擅权,取缔警力动辄训诫教师、医生和作家等专业人士的思想警察权力,即刻实施官员财产阳光法案,撤销一切学术、教育机构尤其是大中小学的党团组织,立刻停止全国范内大规模强拆之暴殄天物、丧心病狂,落实宪法对于私权的保护,特别是将地权归还人民,剥夺政府之为最大的垄断地主的合法性。

循此往前,进境于开放报禁党禁,乃至于一人一张选票,每隔三五年,手之舞之,足之蹈之,挑挑拣拣,为这个大型国族甄选尽心适格的物业管理公司! 总之,启动政改进程,明确宣示政改时间表,逐步抵达”立宪民主、人民共和”的良政境界,不能再倒退,而时不我待矣。

Source: China Digital Times, May 20, 2020