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Infection Count: All Trains in Mudanjiang City Are Stopped

The true situation of the coronavirus outbreak in northeastern China is unclear to the public as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been hiding the real information. However, there are signs to indicate the severity.

The Paper reported that, on May 27, trains and long-distance buses going through Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province will stop going through or skip the city. When they will resume operation is unknown. Mudanjiang City and Suifenhe City (under the supervision of Mudanjiang) are on the border with Russia and have had infection cases due to people returning from Russia.

The city’s high schools reopened for senior students recently. However, on May 25, those schools all closed again. In China, all senior high school students are intensely preparing for the National College Entrance Exam, which will decide what college they can get into. The exam has been postponed until July 8 and July 9, a month from the original dates, due to coronavirus pandemic.

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Source: The Paper, May 26, 2020