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World Against The CCP: Filipinos and Peoples from Other Countries Reject the CCP’s Propaganda Song

On April 23, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) posted a song on YouTube with the Filipino name “Lisang Dagat” (meaning “One Ocean,” the song’s Chinese name is “海的那邊”).  The song was to show the CCP’s message that Beijing and the Philippines are collaborating on fighting the coronavirus. China’s Ambassador to the Philippines wrote the lyrics, diplomats and singers from both China and the Philippines performed the song.

The 4 minute and 26 seconds Music Video is embedded with many scenes from the CCP’s propaganda such as: that the Philippines were whole-heartedly moved when they received aid from China, including appreciation statements from several of the Philippines’s officials such as President Rodrigo Duterte, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Teodoro Locsin Jr., Chief Implementer of the National Task Force of COVID-19 Carlito Galvez Jr., and Secretary of Health official Francisco Duque.

However, the Filipino public rejected this CCP’s propaganda since the two countries have had high tension over the South China Sea as both sides have claimed sovereignty over large overlapping territories and Beijing seized islands near the Philippines and expanded them into bigger man-made lands.

Within three days of being posted on YouTube, the song received 100,000 dislikes and only 1,000 likes. Some comments were:

  • “The West Philippine Sea is ours.”
  • “This is the most disgusting song I have ever seen.”
  • “You can buy our politicians but not our sovereignty.”
  • “Nobody wants to share the same sea with you.”
  • “This is a total insult to the sovereignty and people of the Philippines.” (SET News)

Then people from other countries joined to “dislike” the song. By early May, the dislike count rose to 200,000. Some comments were:

  • “I’m a Taiwanese. I think this song is insulting.”
  • “We support the Philippines. I am from South Korea.”
  • “I’m a Malaysian. Brothers of the ASEAN countries, including Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, let us unite against the CCP!”
  • “I’m from Vietnam, I am here to press the Dislike key!” (Epoch Times)

By May 30, there were 216,000 dislikes and 3,900 likes to the song.

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1. Excerpt in Chinese:

中國駐菲大使23日在影音平台發表了自己作詞的中菲雙語歌曲《海的那邊》(菲文歌名:Lisang Dagat,意即One Ocean),並邀集中、菲兩國多位歌手及外交官獻聲,表示在這非常時期,中國會和菲律賓站在一起、共同打擊病毒,特將此曲獻給兩國的前線人員,尤其是派駐到菲律賓援助的中國專家團隊。

4分26秒的MV中剪輯多幕中國援助物資、菲律賓感激受贈的畫面,以及多位政府官員的現身說法,包含菲律賓外交部長洛欽(Teodoro Locsin Jr.)「我們心懷感激,深深感動,永生難忘,我們感激不盡」;菲律賓全國應對疫情總協調人卡爾維茲(Carlito Galvez Jr.)「我們收到的防護服質量都是最好的」;菲律賓衛生部長杜克(Francisco Duque)「中國挺身幫忙,對我們是很大的支持」;總統杜特蒂(Rodrigo Duterte)「我想感謝中國主席習近平,凡是來自中國(的幫助)就肯定沒問題」。而MV最後甚至寫道「守望相助,同一片海」,在在強調中菲關係友好。


Source: SET News, April 26, 2020

2. Excerpt in Chinese:

近日这首歌更加“出名”了,因为又有很多其他亚洲国家的网友加入骂战,比如: “我是台湾人。我认为这首歌真是侮辱,”Chang Hao Liu说。

“我在这里点击‘踩’的按钮。我们支持菲律宾,我来自韩国。”Wendy Jung写道。

“我是马来西亚人,在这里支持我的朋友Pinoy‘踩’这段视频。东盟兄弟越南、马来西亚、菲律宾和印度尼西亚,让我们团结起来,对抗中共!”Lennon Ng说。

“我来自越南,我只是来这里给这个讨厌的歌曲按‘踩’(dislike)键!”Phoenix Hong说。

“作为马来西亚华人,我也不喜欢中共政权,”艾洛斯·凯恩(Aelous Kane)说。

Source: Epoch Times, May 3, 2020