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World against The CCP: Japanese Prime Minister Abe Said Coronavirus Came from China

On May 25, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that Japan has removed the emergency status for the entire country.

#1: Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that, at a press conference, when reporters asked about the escalation in the tension  between the U.S. and China during the pandemic, Abe answered, “China spread the novel coronavirus to the world; this is a fact.” He also stated that the U.S. is Japan’s only ally, that the two countries share the same basic values, and that Japan and the U.S. cooperate when responding to international issues. (Central News Agency)

#2: Liberty Times, another Taiwan media, reported that, on May 26, Zhao Lijian, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, criticized Japan, saying that its “(action of) blindly following politics should not be above scientific judgment.” However, a video of the press conference showed that Zhao was reading from a script without much enthusiasm. Zhao is a “fighting wolf” of the Chinese Communist Party who, a few months ago, launched a wave of attacks on the U.S. He blamed the United States for spreading the coronavirus to China. (Liberty Times)

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