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Infection Count: Beijing Raised Its Public Health Emergency Response Level to II

Beijing has become the new Coronavirus pandemic center in China. The following are some recent developments in Beijing:

1, 2, 3: Between June 11 and June 15, Beijing reported 106 confirmed infection cases. There was 1 case on June 11, 6 cases on June 12, 36 cases on June 13, 36 cases on June 14, and 27 cases on June 15. (Beijing Municipal Health Commission website)

{Editor’s note: Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is known for hiding infection information, the actual number could be higher than the figure the government released.}

4: Nine districts in Beijing have reported infection cases. Three provinces also reported infection cases as a result of transmissions from Beijing patients, including Hebei (3 cases), Liaoning (2 cases), and Sichuan (1 case).

On June 16, the Beijing government announced it would raise its public health emergency response level from level III to level II. (China News Agency)

5: A medical staff member working in an emergency room in a Beijing hospital revealed to Radio Free Asia, that hospitals in Beijing have received information from the authorities that a massive outbreak is likely to occur in one to two weeks. A medical service provider said that the population of people who might have been exposed to the virus is large: In the past two weeks, over 100,000 people had been to Xinfadi, which was said to be the origin of this round of infections; these people are considered t have had close contact with the infected patients. Furthermore, there are an additional several hundred thousand people who had contact with the first group of 100,000 people. (Radio Free Asia)

6: Fengtai District, Beijing declared a rumor as a message: Tens of thousands of people from Xinfadi were transported to Tangshan City, Hebei Province for quarantine. The authorities gave the correct information: Since June 14, nearly ten thousand people working in Xinfadi have been transported to several districts in Beijing for “centralized observation” (a euphemism for quarantine). (QQ)

7: After raising its public health emergency response level to level II, Beijing has prohibited people connected to Xinfadi or who live in the vicinity of the areas with high infection risks from leaving the city. All schools, from kindergartens all the way to universities will stop school starting June 17.  (Beijing News)

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北京一家医院急诊科医护人员披露,各医院已接到上级命令,预测疫情可能在一、两周后大爆发。医院告知医护人员,近期不要去人员密集的场所,也不要参与聚会活动。有医护人员发帖称,北京这次成了疫源地,两周以来,去过新发地的人至少十几万,都是潜在密切接触者, 与这些人接触的人有几十万。

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Source: Beijing News, June 16, 2020