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Infection Count: WHO Called Beijing Infection a Major Event

The World Health Organization (WHO) is used to be supportive and to provide a cover-up for Beijing in its handling of the coronavirus. Recently, it showed a different position from Beijing.

The WHO held a press conference in Geneva on June 16. It mentioned that Beijing has newly confirmed over 100 infection cases and the WHO said it was a major event. A Chinese media asked, since today France and Germany have an open border between the two countries, either country has several hundred new infection cases every day. Some states in the U.S. also have many infection cases. Why, when China has over 100 cases, does it get so much high attention?

Michael J Ryan, Executive Director of the Health Emergencies Program at WHO, replied that each country has its own situation. Since Beijing hadn’t gotten new cases for 50 days, in this context, it is a major event. There are many countries that still have many cases. Besides closely monitoring the situation, the WHO wishes China would share the genome information.

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Excerpt in Chinese:


世衛秘書長譚德塞(Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus)會中表示,即使在已遏止病毒傳播的國家中,也必須對疫情再起的可能性保持警惕。接著他說中國北京過去50多天沒有新病例,但現在已經確認逾100個病例,世衛正在調查「爆發」的源頭和程度。


對此世衛突發衛生事件執行主任萊恩(Mike Ryan)表示,每國情況不一樣,北京已50多天沒新病例,在這種情況下是個重大事件;但從全球來看 仍有許多國家有許多病例,世衛除了密切監測外,也希望中國會分享基因序列資訊。

Source: United Daily News, June 16, 2020