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Duowei: New Navy Nominations of “Dark Horses” Sends an Important Signal

At the beginning of 2017, the People’s Liberation Army underwent big personnel changes that surprised outside observers. First, the Chinese Navy commanders of all the three major fleets have been replaced. Then, for the first time, the commander-in-chief of the combat region was promoted from the Navy. This series of personnel changes sends two signals: First, China’s southern combat region, that is, the South China Sea, will become the main strategic focus. Second, one of the objectives of the 2017 military reform is to highlight three-dimensional warfare.
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Guangming Daily: By Mid-August, the Sky Net Campaign Rounded up 409 Fugitives from 61 Countries

Guangming Daily published a report and quoted statistics which indicated that the Sky Net campaign, which was launched to combat corrupt officials, has been working effectively this year. According to the statistics, by mid-August 409 fugitives from 61 countries had been brought in. Among those 272 were arrested and 137 were persuaded to return, while 15 of them are on the top 100 fugitive list. The article stated that, in 2016, the public security bureau dispatched 33 teams overseas to carry out the mission.

Source: Guangming Daily, October 24, 2016

People’s Daily: CCDI Completed Inspection of 80 Percent of State Owned Enterprises and Financial Institutions

On October 24, People’s Daily, published an article discussing a notice that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) issued. The CCDI reported that, in 2016, it had sped up the pace of inspections in a number of regions. The number inspected grew from 20 locations in 2013, 40 locations in 2014, 83 locations in 2015, and 64 locations in 2016. It has completed its inspection of 80 percent of the state owned enterprises and financial institutions. The inspection results revealed that, overall, Party leadership is weak, Party development is lacking, and Party management is loose. The article noted that over 80 percent of the units were found to have violations of Party discipline and of clean government regulations. The article also observed that the inspections have created an intimidating and warning effect. In addition, the inspection team drafted reports and provided recommendations on how to fix certain issues.

Source: People’s Daily, October 24, 2016                                                                               


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