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Chinese Audience Complains About Not Receiving Broadcasting Signals from VOA and RFA

Ever since the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) switched VOA and RFA from Eutelsat W5 to Asiasat 3S on July 30, more and more audience members from mainland China have been complaining that they are unable to receive the signals from VOA and RFA.  They say that the signals were weak and frequently interfered with in July but that this has worsened and there has been no signal since early August.  Asiasat 3S is reportedly controlled by the Chinese Communist regime.

In addition to VOA and RFA programs, Eutelsat also carried signals for New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV), an independent and nonprofit television broadcaster based in New York City. The BBG’s decision to switch the satellite companies BBG has subsequently shutdown the broadcasting signals of NTDTV into China.  NTDTV is known for broadcasting uncensored information into China and can be potentially viewed by millions of audience members inside China.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television, August 12, 2008

Over Ten Thousand Petitioners Detained in Beijing Suburb

Over ten thousand petitioners are currently being detained in Jiujing Zhuang, a suburb of Beijing, during the Olympics, according to a text message from a rights activist with her real name withheld. Another message sent by this person was a government order targeting hotels, public showering locations, apartment landlords. They were warned not to take in any petitioners during the Beijing Olympics or they could be subjected to a 15 day detention and 1500 yuan penalty.

Source: The Epoch Times, August 12, 2008

Bush Becomes Xinhua’s Favorite Target during Olympics

Using the key words “Bush” and “Olympics” to search within the website of China’s state media Xinhua returned well over 100 items from August 8-12. Bush, representing the important figures of Western “guests,” has been used as a symbol to boost the “grandiosity” of the Beijing Olympics. In Xinhua’s report on the opening ceremony, Bush’s picture entering the stadium with Hu Jintao was shown in the prime position. Below are a few samples of such report:
Bush Watches Olympics: “Very Exciting, Better than Expected”

Bush Praises Olympics Surpassing Expectation: “Feel Really Great”

Bush Is Absorbed in Watching Olympic Games; Wife Says Opening Ceremony “Wonderful’

Bush: Passionate Cheerleader

Narrating to His Wife in Advance, Bush Overjoyed by China-U.S. Men’s Basketball Game

Olympics: Approved Protesters Missing

Following the government’s regulations that demonstrations would be allowed in designated parks during the Beijing Olympics, Mr. Li Jincheng and Mr. Liu Xueli applied for and obtained permission to protest in World Park. They were told to come to the authorities to get their written permission on August 9.

But on August 8, Mr. Li mysteriously disappeared near the “Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium. The other organizer, Mr. Liu, was also missing. Their protest permit has been invalidated.

Source:, August 10, 2008

Olympic Reporting Guideline: Emphasize Positive and Minimize Negative News

Recently the media propaganda department issued a list of requirements and guidelines on news reports about the Olympic games and its opening ceremony. The guideline emphasizes the requirement to report positively about the games. It asks media channels to downplay negative news and even forbids them to report news on subjects such as the designated demonstration sites, attacks of policemen in Xinjiang, or the mishandling of Sichuan earthquake funds.

Source: Boxun, August 8, 2008