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Thirteen Falun Gong Videos Made the Top 100 Most-Viewed during Olympics

Alleyinsider reports that according to TubeMogul , which tracks video views across 20 sites, including YouTube, Revver, Dailymotion and Metacafe, 13 videos from Falun Gong sources were among the top 100 most-viewed during the first week of the Beijing Olympics, netting 3.5 million views. And it had four videos among the top 100 the following week, netting 1 million views. It’s the first time Falun Gong has had any video in the top 100 since TubeMogul started keeping track in 2006. Until the opening day of the Olympics Falun Gong videos had netted a mere 95,000 views.

Source:, August 25, 2008

China’s State Media Attacks German Media following Suspension of Chinese Reporter by Deutsche Welle

After a Chinese reporter Zhang Danhong in Deutsche Welle (Voice of Germany) was suspended due to her pro-communist comments a week ago, China’s state media Xinhua reacted strongly, emphasizing the incident. Xinhua has published a series of articles to defend her comments and attack Western media’s “press freedom.” Xinhua says that Ms. Zhang was suspended because of her “pro-China” comments; (she) incurred danger due to telling the “truth.” Xinhua makes its point by quoting a Chinese person’s reaction: “Germany’s media can not even allow such an (objective and just) person, we can see how horrible this country’s media (freedom) environment has become.”

Source: Xinhua, September 2, 2008

China’s Supreme Court on Political Interest over Rule of Law

Judges must develop political wisdom as well as legal thinking to serve justice and political interests, said Zhang Jun, Deputy Party Secretary of the Supreme People’s Court of China at a national conference for judges.“ Zhang emphasized that judges must identify themselves with Chinese style socialism politically, ideologically and emotionally.  “Interpretation and application of the law by itself will not resolve legal issues presented in cases.”

At the conference, President of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region High Court made a presentation entitled “Safeguarding National Security and Social Stability Is the Primary Political Task of the Xinjiang People’s Court.”

Source: Xinhua, August 28, 2008

China to Import Russian Tornado Rocket Technology

Russian Defense companies are ready to transfer to China the "Tornado" multi-rocket technology, reported People’s Daily citing Kommersant. China hopes with Russian technology, it will complete the research and development of A-100 long-range rockets. Although A-100 is meant to mimic the "Tornado" system, its technical performance lags behind the latter. In particular, the Chinese experts could not develop comparable fire control system to match the flexibility of a rocket.

Source: People’s Daily, August 26, 2008

Decline in Economic Growth Seen as Main Foe

Government think tanks are gathering in Beidaihe seeking solutions to contain inflation and curb the decline of economic growth, said Nanfang Daily August 22, 2008. Sources reveal that the think tanks have unanimously agreed, “Decline in the economic growth is worse than inflation.” “The government will be able to stand a 6% annual inflation rate, but if the growth reaches below 10%, bad debts of financial institutions would be appalling.”

Source: People’s Daily, August 22, 2008

Problems in Central Government Budget Implementation Reaching 29 bn Yuan

2007 Annual audit of the central government budget implementation shows problems in the amount of 29.379 billion yuan, said Auditor-General Liu Yi of China National Audit Office on August 27, 2008. The audit covered 368 work units under 53 central government departments. Of the 29.379-bn yuan problem funds, 98% resulted from mismanagement, while violations of law and regulations account for 2%.

Source: China National Audit Office, August 27, 2008