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Blacklist from Hong Kong Immigration Department Leaked

Secret Documents from Hong Kong Immigration Department were recently leaked. Among them is a partial list of names on the Special Region’s surveillance watch list. On Tuesday May 6 Hong Kong Security Bureau admitted that it holds a “surveillance list” of 11,000 names who are considered “dangerous individuals” to Hong Kong public security. A week earlier, Hong Kong Immigration has denied entry of at least six human rights activists into Hong Kong prior to the arrival of Olympic Torch Relay. The leaked documents were said to be stolen from a home PC of a new employee of the Immigration Department who allegedly downloaded the list from work.

Source: Voice of America, May 10, 2008

Xinhua Rebut Bush’s Food Crisis Argument

On a May 8 article, Xinhua criticized that “a few developed countries” point figures to developing countries for causing the food crisis. It quotes the words from Mr. Kamal Nath, Minister of Commerce & Industry Government of India, that “Bush is again proved to be totally wrong.” The article makes the following points:

1, U.S. 2007 grain consumption grew 11.81%, comparing with 2.17% that of India;
2, Long term agricultural subsidies policy adopted by developed countries has led distortion in food prices and hurt the market of agricultural products in developing countries;
3, U.S and European countries’ development of bio-energy further squeezed the supply of food to human beings;
4, the U.S. sub-prime housing crisis resulted in an international financial turmoil, alluring large amount of speculative capital into the commodity market for agricultural products to deteriorate the imbalance of global food supply.

Source: Xinhua, May 8, 2008

CCP to Make Sure Prisoners Support Olympics

An article published by Xinhua on May 8 shows several pictures of prisoners in a Beijing prison celebrating the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. The article mentioned that “in order to create an atmosphere of everyone supporting the Games, the Beijing Bureau of prisons launched a series of education events one year before the opening date.” The summer event “undoubtedly becomes a precious medicine” for the prison guards to lead those serving the term to see the “light of life,” said the article.

Source: Xinhua, May 8, 2008

State Textbooks for Secondary Education Foster Recent Patriotism

State textbooks for secondary schools shape the patriotism of young Chinese generations, wrote Mrs. He Qinglian, a prominent writer on China.  Mrs. He wrote that in the State textbooks for secondary schools, the Communist Party has defined the relationship between the Party and Chinese people as that between mother and children, the relationship between Communist authorities and oversea Chinese as that between motherland and oversea orphans. The article believes that the authorities’ deprivation of freedom of information has turned patriotism to loyalty to autocracy as shown in recent breakout of nationalism against western media on Tibet and the Beijing Olympics.

Source: Epoch Times, May 4, 2008

Xinhua Report on Washington Times Article on U.S. Hedge Strategy

On May 5, 2008 Xinhua reported on a May 2 Washington Times article entitled “Hedge Strategy.” The Xinhua report contains, in most part, translation of paragraphs from the Washington Times article. For example, Xinhua reported the U.S. Department of Defense consultant, Mike Pillsbury recently said that the U.S. strategy of "hedging" against an emerging military threat from Beijing by building up U.S. forces in the Pacific likely will continue whoever is elected president in November.

Xinhua, May 5, 2008
Washington Times, May 2, 2008

EV71 Cases on the Rise

Part of two preschools in Beijing were closed after discovery of EV71 cases, according to local authorities on May 6, 2008. EV71 cases in Fuyan City, Anhui Province have increased to 4,496 with 22 deaths. Zhejian Province is reported to have over 1, 198 cases between January and May 4, with one death. Hunan Province reported 368 cases as of May 5, with most patients being children under 5 years old. Guangdong Province has 3 deaths, with 1,692 infections.

Source: Beijing, May 6, 2008 3562@4427593.htm