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Tibet: Police Claimed to Have Discovered Weapons in Monasteries

According to the statement released by the Public Security Bureau, police have “discovered” large quantity of weapons in some Tibet monasteries. Among the discovered were 178 rifles, 13,013 ammunition rounds, 259 knives, 3,504 kg dynamite, 19,360 detonators, and 2 grenades. These are “sufficient proofs” that the “riot of 3/14” in Lasha was organized by Dalai Clique, according to the statement. In addition, a few “key suspects” with close ties to the oversea Dalai Clique have also been arrested.

Source: Xinhua April 2, 2008

Official Newspaper Praise the Patriotism of the Young Oversea Chinese Immigrants

This front page article, titled “The Young Men Who Protest ‘Tibetan Separatist’ and the Western Media Deformation” and published by International Herald Leader, a subsidiary of the official Xihua News, spoke of the stories of three young oversea Chinese for their “heroic actions” to defend the image of the “country” (China). The three Chinese, aged from 20 to 24, are all recent immigrants to the west. One of them lives in Canada and had produced a Youtube video for the purpose to “educate the west with true facts that Tibet is an inseparable part of China”. The second young man featured in the story, a residence of England, had vowed to place the Chinese national flag inside the “head-quarter of the Tibetan Separatist” in London. The third one had created an ANTI-CNN.COM website aimed at exposing the western media for smearing China with fabricated stories. In the end, the article praises the “grass-root power” and the “patriotism” demonstrated by the generation of 1980’s and their ability to expose the “arrogant and prejudice” of the western media "so more people in the west can learn the truth about Tibet”.

Source: Xinhua April 1, 2008

Nanfang Daily: It Is Time to Return Power Back to People

An article from Nanfang Daily (a Guangzhou newspaper) stated that it is time to return power back to the people. The article reported a “Biweekly Forum on Humanities” held by two prominent columnists and attended by over 30 on media commentaries in Mainland China.

The most important progress in the past ten years is Internet and media working together reporting social problems, thus pressuring the government to compromise, the columnists stated. Media commentaries are a matter of freedom of speech of the entire nation. They furthered that every citizen should be critical of the government and question what it says.

Source: Nanfang Daily, March 31, 2008

China Continues to Blast Dalai Lama

On April 1, 2008, China’s state media Xinhua republished a commentary articles from People’s Daily (oversea’s edition) that continued the recent campaign of attacking Dalai Lama. The article, titled “Dalai Lama Lied Again” and authored by deputy director of China’s Tibetan Cultural protection and development, attacked Dala Lama’s recent public statement of “not seeking Tibet independence” and “not involved in the recent Tibet protest” as lies. Under the title, a series of recent related articles were listed and linked to the full text, including:
Revealing Truth: Before and after the Fourteenth Dalai’s Fleeing (video clips of CCTV’s Documentary “Dalai Lama”)
The True Intention of Dalai Clique’s “Middle Path” Is to “Tibet Independence”
Lhasa Incident Exposed the Lies of Dala’s “Human Rights”
The Living Buddha of Tibet Asks Dalai not to Damage National Unity and Ethnic Harmony

Source: Xinhua, April 1, 2008

Xinhua: China Meets Friends in Vientiane, Japan Unhappy Being Excluded

On March 31, 2008, Xinhua reports that China’s Premier Wen Jiabao met leaders of Burma, Lao, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam and signed a series of cooperation agreements during the meeting of Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Cooperation (GMS) on March 30 and 31, 2008. The report attacked Japanese media article reporting the meeting, saying that the Daily Yomiuri’s article vilifies China’s aid to Lao and GMS areas. It says that Yomiuri’s article accuses China of intending to establish a “base” in East Union and to control the development in GMS area, and that is unhappy with the exclusion of Japanese government from the regional cooperation activity.

Source: Xinhua, March 31, 2008

Xinhua Article: U.S. Is the Real Source of Nuclear Dissemination

Xinhua posted an article on March 31, 2008 saying that U.S. is really the most important source of nuclear weapon dissemination. The article was published after U.S. Defense Department stated U.S. Air Force had mistakenly shipped to Taiwan four electrical fuses designed for use on intercontinental ballistic missiles. The article claims that U.S. and Taiwan pretend to be “innocent” of the incident and that U.S. is meant to signal a mini-scale nuclear threat.

Source: Xinhua, March 31, 2008