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China’s Supreme Court on Political Interest over Rule of Law

Judges must develop political wisdom as well as legal thinking to serve justice and political interests, said Zhang Jun, Deputy Party Secretary of the Supreme People’s Court of China at a national conference for judges.“ Zhang emphasized that judges must identify themselves with Chinese style socialism politically, ideologically and emotionally.  “Interpretation and application of the law by itself will not resolve legal issues presented in cases.”

At the conference, President of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region High Court made a presentation entitled “Safeguarding National Security and Social Stability Is the Primary Political Task of the Xinjiang People’s Court.”

Source: Xinhua, August 28, 2008

Problems in Central Government Budget Implementation Reaching 29 bn Yuan

2007 Annual audit of the central government budget implementation shows problems in the amount of 29.379 billion yuan, said Auditor-General Liu Yi of China National Audit Office on August 27, 2008. The audit covered 368 work units under 53 central government departments. Of the 29.379-bn yuan problem funds, 98% resulted from mismanagement, while violations of law and regulations account for 2%.

Source: China National Audit Office, August 27, 2008

Hu-Wen Authorities are Planning a Large-Scale Suppression Movement

The overseas Chinese news website Boxun quotes information from China-Aid Association that the Committee of Central Political and Legislative Affairs of the Chinese Communist Party is issuing a secret directive to the subordinate department and organizations. The directive is about plans of a nation-wide movement to crack down on the “four groups of unstable elements in the society.” The four groups are leaders of family churches of Christianity, petitioners, human rights activists, and dissidents. It is said that the information comes from senior level officials of China’s security department.

Source: Boxun, August 21, 2008

Olympics: IGF Investigating Age of Chinese Gymnasts

New evidence of fraud pertaining to the age of two Chinese gymnasts has prompted an Internatioanl Gymnastic Federation (IGF) investigation into the matter, said the International Olympics Committee (IOC) on August 21, 2008.

The new evidence includes an official document prepared by the central government in February 2006, entitled “2006 Registration Table for National Gymnasts” that contains information on the age and birthplace of several hundred Chinese gymnasts.  Line 811 shows that Yang Yilin is a female, born on August 26, 1993 in Guangzhou.  Line 1040 shows that He Kexin is a female, born on January 1, 1994 in Wuhan.  A similar list for 2005 contains the same information for the two gymnasts. The two lists were found through an online search and the links have since been removed.

Source: Epoch Times, August 21, 2008

Obituary: Former Chinese Leader Hua Guofeng Dies

Hua Guofeng, a former leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC), died on August 20 at the age of 87, Xinhua reported without elaborating.  In a short official statement, Hua was praised as "an outstanding CPC member, a long-tested and loyal Communist fighter and a proletarian revolutionary who once held important leading posts in the CPC and the government." Hua Guofeng succeeded Mao Zedong in 1976 as China’s Communist Party chairman and the nation’s head of state.

Source: Xinhua, August 20, 2008

Olympics: Athlete Liu’s Departure Raises Questions

On August 18, Liu Xiang, one of China’s greatest hopes for winning a gold medal had to withdraw from the Olympics due to his foot injury, reported Xinhua. His abrupt departure from the 110 meter hurdles surprised Chinese who had high expectations of his winning gold medals as he did at the 2004 Olympics.  According to a poll, 49% understand and want him to move on.  40% regret his action and would have preferred that he continued with the competition.  Many have voiced claims that Liu’s action was ordered by the Chinese authorities to save face because Liu could not win. Sources say on August 19, the Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Department issued a mandate that all media must follow the official explanation. 

Chinese News, August 18, 2008
Epoch Times, August 20, 2008