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Diplomacy: France Called in China Ambassador Because of Chinese Embassy’s Remarks

Radio France International reported that France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called in China’s Ambassador Lv Shaye for publishing articles criticizing France and Western countries for slandering China.

The Foreign Minister said that he expressly disagrees with some of the recent remarks of the People’s Republic of China’s Ambassador to France. He said that some publicly expressed opinions are not in line with the good bilateral relations between France and China. The French Minister of Foreign Affairs said that some comments were related to the containment of the new coronavirus.

On April 12, China’s Embassy in France published an article, “Reverse the facts that had been reversed – the observations on the novel coronavirus epidemic by a Chinese diplomat in France.” The article praised China because it had implemented the most comprehensive, most complete, and most strict measures to contain the coronavirus. It also criticized “certain self-claimed objective media, experts, and politicians in the West who did not contribute ideas to contain the virus in their country or the world, but spent their time on slandering and attacking China.”

The article said, “We see that, in Western countries, politicians attack each other for their votes; (some country) proposed a ‘group immunization’ strategy to leave the public to resist the slaughter of the virus on their own; (some countries) grabbed other’s epidemic prevention materials; (some countries) bought epidemic prevention materials with public money and sold them to private companies for profit; (some countries) let the elderly in nursing homes sign the ‘Consent to Give up Emergency Rescue;’ nursing home staff members collectively fled from their duties without permission, causing many elderly to starve and to die; (one country) fired an aircraft carrier captain for requesting that infected sailors be permitted to land ashore for treatment… But we didn’t see any major Western media reports on them or provide in-depth investigations that reveal the truth. Where is the conscience of these fair and objective media and experts? Where are their professional ethics?”

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Excerpt in Chinese:

4月12日,驻法大使馆网站刊登一篇题为“把颠倒的事实再颠倒过来 —一名中国驻法国使馆外交官对新冠肺炎疫情的观察(之四)”。文中赞许中国在抗疫上采取了最全面、最彻底、最严格的防控举措。但同时也批评“西方国家一些标榜客观公正的媒体、专家和个别政客不思为遏制本国和全球疫情蔓延献计献策,却把精力用在污蔑、抹黑、攻击中国上。


法国外长勒德里昂(Jean-Yves Le Drian)召见中国驻法大使卢沙野。外长表示,我明确表示不同意近来中华人民共和国驻法大使的某些言论;一些公开发表的意见不符合法中两国良好的双边关系。法国外交部表示,有些评论与抗击新冠病毒有关。

Source: Radio France International, April 14, 2020法国/20200414-法国外长召见中国驻法大使