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Infection Count: Wuhan Plans to Test All People in Ten Days

There are signs that Wuhan faces the risk of a coronavirus recurrence.

On May 11, the Epidemiological Big Data and Epidemiological Investigation Team of the Wuhan Municipal Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Center issued an “Emergency Notice on Carrying out the City’s Novel Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Screening.” The notice informed the command center of each district of Wuhan that the government decided to carry out a “ten-day battle” on the nucleic acid screening for the coronavirus throughout the entire city. It advised that each district shall make arrangements to screen all people in its jurisdiction within ten days. (Editor’s note: This implies Wuhan needs to test 1 million people per day.  There are concerns as to whether China has that much testing capacity.)

Changjiang Daily, the newspaper under the Wuhan Party Committee, reported that on the same day, Wang Zhonglin, the Wuhan Party Chief hosted a video conference for the Wuhan command center. He said at the meeting, “(We) should have a deep understanding that ‘decisive achievement’ does not mean ‘decisive victory’ and ‘reducing the response class’ does not mean ‘reducing prevention.’ We can never take it lightly, care less, or slack off (on the coronavirus prevention and control).” (#1, China News Agency)

On May 8, Xi Jinping declared in a speech that “the war to defend Wuhan and Hubei has obtained a decisive achievement.” (#2, People’s Daily)

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