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CCP Continues Attacking Miles Yu

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) keeps attacking Miles Yu, a chief China policy adviser to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Miles Yu also addressed a panel, saying the Hong Kong experiment of one-country, two systems is a “bankrupt idea.” After having the high school that Yu attended in China chisel his name off the honor stone tablet, the CCP recently arranged a group of people of his genealogy to take his name out of their genealogical chart.

An online video posted last month showed a group of seniors in the Yu genealogy in Anhui Province. China held a meeting to denounce Miles Yu, though he does not have a direct relative living there. The meeting room hung up a banner that said, “Angrily condemn traitor Miles Yu, remove him from the genealogical chart, and drive him out of the genealogical chart.” The group announced six “crimes” that Yu had committed but the video didn’t show them.

The traditional Chinese culture emphasized a person’s heritage and genealogy. Taking a person out of the genealogical chart used to be a great humiliation for that person. However, after the CCP took control of China, it destroyed the traditional culture, so the genealogical charts do not mean much to the Chinese people nowadays. It is somehow bizarre for the CCP to use the genealogical chart to humiliate Miles Yu.

On September 19, Miles responded to this incident on Twitter:

“Taking my name off a genealogical chart (族谱?)that I have never heard of, and never cared about, seems bizarre. The farce crumbles under the weight of its absurdity.”

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Pompeo’s Advisor’s Name Removed from Honor Stone in China

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Xi Jinping Held a Flag Presentation Ceremony for the Police Force

On August 26, to symbolize his control over the police force, Xi Jinping held a flag presentation ceremony for the police force at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. This is the first time that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) designed a flag for the police force.

At the ceremony, Xi made four requests to the police force: Be loyal to the CCP, serve the people, enforce the law fairly, and strictly respect discipline.

The police officials at the ceremony took a group vow: “Be loyal to the CCP, serve the people, enforce the law fairly, and strictly respect discipline. Stay firm and pure, let the party rest assured, be willing to make sacrifices, and be able to fight and win.”

Source: Xinhua, August 26, 2020

Infection Count: How Severe Is the Infection in Ruili City?

After September 8, when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) held a commendation conference to declare victory over the novel coronavirus, Ruili, a southern city in Yunan Province, bordering Myanmar, reported cases of the coronavirus infection.

The authorities only announced two infection cases, but it declared that it would conduct nucleic acid testing on all residents in Ruili which is about 210,000 people. Several of its actions, including locking down the city, building thousands of hospital beds, and moving in over 1,000 medical staff from other cities, made people wonder whether the real situation was much worse than what the government reported.

#1: China reported 2 cases on September 12 and 13, claiming the patients were from Myanmar and had illegally entered China. On September 14, the authorities then locked down the city of Ruili. The official WeChat account of the Yunan Provincial government reported that the government learned the mobile hospital concept from Wuhan and had set up several thousand patient beds in a large indoor facility, ready for patients to move in. On Twitter, Chinese netizens also posted pictures of Zhong Nanshan, a high-profile doctor on the coronavirus efforts, who showed up in Yunan. (New Talk)

#2: China sent eight medical teams, with a total of 632 medical staff members, from other cities and provinces, to Ruili. In addition, the Dehong Autonomous Prefecture, Yunan Province, sent another 564 medical staff members to Ruili to support nucleic acid testing. (Xinhua)

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Hiding Information: The CCP Held Commendation Conference about Fighting the Novel Coronavirus

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has declared victory over the novel coronavirus. On September 8, 2020, Xi Jinping hosted a Commendation Conference on Fighting against the Novel Coronavirus. At the ceremony, Xi gave a near-10,000 word speech, but he did not mention the truth about the pandemic’s origin, its development, or the infection count in China.

Radio France International reported that people were questioning why the CCP held such a celebration at this time since the pandemic is still spreading in the world. They wondered whether it is trying to cover up something or to make people forget something. Agence France-Presse pointed out that the CCP is trying to rewrite the Wuhan Pandemic story.

Xi gave medals to the “heroes” including Zhong Nanshan, who, on January 20, told the public that the virus can be transmitted from person to person (Editor’s Note: there is much evidence that the CCP knew about the person-to-person transmission much earlier but did not release the information to the public until Zhong’s staged statement), and Chen Wei, a People’s Liberation Army general in charge of developing a vaccine.

However, on the Chinese social media, the public frequently discussed Dr. Li Wenliang who Xi didn’t mention at the award ceremony. Dr. Li is the whistle blower who mentioned the coronavirus on social media in early January. The CCP then reprimanded him and he later died after developing the infection when treating patients who had the virus.

Another highly discussed person, who is a hero in the eyes of the public  but who Xi also skipped is Dr. Zhang Wenhong. Dr. Zhang is the lead doctor on coronavirus prevention efforts in Shanghai. He rejected Zhong Nanshan’s claim that the virus might have originated outside of China. He said the facts showed that Wuhan is the first city to have reported the cases and if the virus was coming from overseas, it would spread in several cities in China simultaneously, not just in Wuhan. He also answered the question whether the China-made anti-virus vaccine is better or the imported vaccine will be when the vaccines are available. He said, “You can easily tell if a domestic car is better or an imported car is (Chinese all know imported cars are much better). Why can’t you tell when it comes to a vaccine?”

On social media, people were also asking where the citizens were who went to hospitals to report the true situation (that the official media were not reporting) and then got disappeared.

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CCP Offers High Monetary Awards to Those Who Report on Banned Religious Groups

Bitter Winter, a media focusing on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) human rights violations, reported that, in the past several months, several provinces in China have offered monetary awards, some even as high as 100,000 yuan (about US $14,000), to encourage people to report on religious groups that the CCP has banned, including Falun Gong, the Church of Almighty God (CAG), the Shouters, the All Sphere Church, and others. The CCP calls these religious groups “Xie Jiao,” or cult in English.

The CCP suppresses these groups because they refuse to submit to the CCP’s control, they have grown rapidly, and they have a large number of members, which the CCP views as a threat to its rule. The CCP charges members of these groups as criminals, according to Article 300 of the Chinese Criminal Code, and can sentence members to three to seven years in prison.

Zouping City, Shandong Province: In July, the Political and Legal Affairs Commission of Zouping City adopted its “Award-winning Reporting Measures for Cracking Down on Xie Jiao.” Anyone who reports on CAG members or Falun Gong practitioners may receive a maximum award of 2,500 yuan.

According to the Measures, the scope of the behavior being reported includes using the Internet to produce and disseminate the materials of the above-mentioned religious groups; producing and disseminating religious leaflets, pictures, slogans, newspapers, and publications; hanging religious banners and posters in public places; and publishing and printing publications that preach religion.

Hainan Province: On June 15, the Public Security Department of Hainan Province issued the “Notice on Rewarding Those Who Report Information on Xie Jiao Illegal and Criminal Activities,” offering a maximum reward of 100,000 yuan.

Guangdong Province: On May 1, the Public Security Department of Guangdong officially adopted the “Trial Measures for Rewarding Reports Involving Xie Jiao Illegal and Criminal Activities,” offering a maximum reward of 100,000 yuan. Nanfang Daily reported on June 17 that several Falun Gong practitioners from Guangdong Province were reported and arrested for preaching Falun Gong or distributing Falun Gong information cards to local residents during the epidemic.

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: A local official told Bitter Winter that, in October last year, the local government offered a maximum rewarded of 10,000 yuan for religious members and 50,000 yuan for out-of-town missionaries, once the missionary is arrested.

Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province: A believer of the Three-Self Church, a CCP controlled church system in China, told Bitter Winter that in mid-June, at the conference for local Religious Affairs Bureau officials and National Security Brigade captains, the CCP issued a document demanding a crack down on the CAG in three consecutive years and asked Three-Self believers to report CAG members.

To incite as many as possible to participate in the campaign to suppress banned religious groups, in addition to offering high monetary awards, the CCP also conducts omnipresent anti-xie-jiao propaganda campaigns across China.

During the past few months, despite the epidemic outbreak, the CCP has continued to arrest members of the banned religious groups.

Source: Bitter Winter, July 30, 2020

CCP Offers High Monetary Awards to Those Who Report on Banned Religious Groups

4 Hearts in 10 Days: China’s ‘On Demand’ Organ Bank Raises Concerns of Forced Harvesting

Recently, The Epoch Times reported a few “unbelievable” organ transplants in China.

Sun Lingling, a 24-year-old Chinese national, fell ill in Japan with a rare autoimmune disease that led to irreversible heart damage. In mid-June, her medical team flew her to China’s Wuhan Union Hospital on a chartered flight. The Chinese doctors gathered four matching hearts in the course of 10 days and used the last one to conduct the surgery. Sun recovered and was able to eat on her own.

Chinese newspapers reported Sun’s story with dramatic headlines, such as “A life or death race.” The Chinese embassy in Japan, which arranged Sun’s transportation to Wuhan, called the surgery “legendary” and touted it as a show of China-Japan friendship and cooperation.

Sun’s first matching heart came on June 16 from Wuhan, but doctors found the health condition not up to par and gave it up. The second heart came from nearby Hunan Province three days later, but Sun developed a high fever by then and could not have the surgery. On June 25, doctors got two more hearts: one from a female in Wuhan, and another one from a male in Guangzhou Province. The Chinese media report said they chose the latter because it had “better heart functions.”

The willingness to donate an organ is low among Chinese. Even in a country with a large base of those willing to donate, receiving four matching heats in 10 days is unusual. A professor at the Surgery and Heart Transplantation Department, Tel Aviv University, Israel, said Sun’s case is “beyond explanation.” “Rather, it follows an ‘on demand system.’”

There are more of these “unbelievable” cases.

China has also performed at least six double-lung transplants on COVID-19 patients since late February, at least two of which took place in Wuhan. The donors of both lungs, of course, could not survive. Chinese hospitals gave little information about where the organs came from.

In his book Bloody Harvest, David Kilgour, a former Canadian lawyer and member of the Canadian parliament, cited a Taiwanese organ tourist who was provided with eight kidneys during his two separate trips to Shanghai over the course of eight months—until his body accepted the final one.

There have been investigations including from the U.S. Congress and the E.U. Parliament indicating that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has conducted forced organ harvesting, removing vital organs from prisoners of conscience who were still alive, and then selling these organs for profit.

In June 2019, the London-based independent People’s Tribunal concluded “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the Chinese regime was targeting prisoners of conscience for their organs. The main source of organs was practitioners of Falun Gong who the CCP has persecuted severely for the past two decades.

Such practices are indicative of a transplant industry that “has a large pool, or stable, of political and religious prisoners that are already tissue-typed for transplant,” said Ethan Gutmann, a China analyst who authored the book “The Slaughter” about China’s illicit organ trade. He said Sun’s case exemplified the problems with the country’s transplant industry.

Source: The Epoch Times, August 11, 2020

Taiwan: CCP’s Response to U.S.’s Taiwan Visit and Drone Sale

The United Stated made two major moves regarding Taiwan. The first was that, on August 9, 2020, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Alex Azar visited Taiwan and, on August10, met with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. This is the highest ranked U.S. official to visit Taiwan. The second one was that the U.S. and Taiwan are in negotiation for the U.S. to sell Taiwan at least four MQ-9B SeaGuardian surveillance drones which have a range of 6,000 nautical miles (11,100 km).

China’s Foreign Ministry issued a standard protest. People’s Daily and Xinhua didn’t comment much on either event, but Huanqiu and some other media commented on it, either cursing the U.S. or trying to downplay the event.

#1: On August 5, Wang Wenbin, Spokesperson for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, stated at the press conference, that China urges the US to abide by the one-China policy and the provisions of the three Sino-US Joint Communiqués, to stop all forms of official exchanges between the U.S. and Taiwan, to handle Taiwan-related issues carefully and properly, and to refrain from sending any wrong signals to the “Taiwan independence” forces so as to avoid serious damage to Sino-US relations.

On August 5, Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, stated at a press conference, that it is very dangerous for the Democratic Progressive Party authorities to collude with foreign countries and willingly play the role of a U.S.’ pawn.

On August 5, Lu Xiang, an expert on American issues at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times reporter that in 2000 and again in 2014, the U.S. had sent high-ranking officials (Department of Transportation and Environment Protection Agency) to visit Taiwan. They were sent during those two President’s second terms when they no longer considered re-election. This time, the HHS Secretary ranked higher than those two who were sent previously, based on the order of succession of Department heads to take the president’s seat if the current President is unable to perform his duties. In addition, Trump sent him to Taiwan in his first presidential term. This showed that Trump is gambling. Under the Coronavirus pandemic and economic pressure, Trump does not know how to play the chess game anymore. He just throws chess pieces onto the board. Now he has run out of pieces and throws bricks instead. (Global Times)

#2: Global Times said there was a huge controversy and debate in Taiwan regarding Azar’s visit. It said that some Taiwan netizens furiously claimed that Azar would put Taiwan into two bad areas: the pandemic (brought from the U.S.) and a crisis over the strait (between Taiwan and China). (Global Times)

#3: The Taiwan Strait Net commented that “jointly fighting the pandemic” is just a cover (for Azar’s visit). The U.S. has only one “strategy” to fight the pandemic: Blame China. Taiwan’s “magic operation (against the coronavirus)” was nothing but avoid testing. It said that quite a few people were worried, “(Azar) came from the U.S.? Shouldn’t he be quarantined?” (Taiwan Strait Net)

#4: Sina commented on the U.S. selling drones to Taiwan. “As the presidential election is coming up, the political in-fighting in the U.S. has intensified. Some politicians in the U.S. view playing the ‘Taiwan card’ as a measure that is low cost and has a quick return. However, playing the “Taiwan card” shows the U.S. lacks self-confidence and worries about its China policy. (Sina)

#5: Global Times said that some Taiwan netizens identified this drones transaction as Taiwan paying a “protection fee” to the U.S. “In the American’s eye, sending the HHS Secretary over to bring back $600 million is definitely worth it.” “The U.S. just takes Taiwan as an ATM machine.” (Global Times)

#6: Back on May14, 2020, Global Times commented on Taiwan’s purchasing 4 MQ-9 Reaper drones as not getting enough for the mainland to shoot down and claimed that these drones are nothing but target drones to be killed. (Global Times)

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Chinese Consulate in Houston Intervened in US Political Movement

Radio Free Asia (RFA) published an article explaining the reason that the U.S. closed China’s Consulate in Houston.

The article stated that the U.S. has known that the staff members at the consulate were conducting suspicious activities, but, for a while, it did not take any action. The Second Department of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which is the PLA’s intelligence unit, sent staff members from a large network company, with fake IDs, to China’s Consulate in Houston. Those technicians used a large video platform’s backend data to identify people who might participate in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and ANTIFA’s protests and then created and sent them customized videos on how to organize riots and how to do promotions.

The purpose was to “weaponize” big data technology. It delivered relevant materials precisely to those people who were most likely to participate in the protests, while other people could not even find those videos.

RFA did not spell out the company names. A Twitter account said the technicians were from Huawei and the video platform they used to identify candidates and push videos to was TikTok.

1. Radio Free Asia, August 7, 2020
2. Twitter, @Raymond999USA