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Top Aviation Exec: Remember the National Humiliation, Develop Domestic Big Airplane

Xinhua posted a news article published by the China Youth Daily on September 22 about China’s ambition to develop big airplanes. The article quoted China Aviation Industry Corporation (CAIC) General Manager Zuo Fengmin’s words as motivation: “When the United States bombed our embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, the victims’ bodies were transported back home by a big airplane made in the U.S. It was a huge humiliation for our country’s aviation industry.” The article concluded that if China is to realize industrial advancement and high national stature, improving the aviation industry is a task that must be accomplished; and 2008 is a pivotal year for China’s home-made big airplane to be ready to take off.

Source: Xinhua, September 22, 2008

Xinhua: Neither U.S. Party Platforms Talk about China Threat

A Chinese government think tank believes the omission of a "China Threat" approach in the platforms of both Republican and Democratic Parties marks progress compared to the use of the term “strategic competitor “ by President Bush, reported the International Herald Leader under Xinhua. However, there are problems, observed International Herald Leader. The Republican platform discussed policies towards China and Taiwan separately. In particular, there is no mentioning of “one China”, clearly leaning toward Taiwan. In contrast, the Democratic platform stated that it upholds the “One China Policy.” International Herald Leader further stated that the Democratic Party favors protectionism and attacks China several times in the past on trade issues, quoting Biden’s remarking on banning toy products from China. It was noted that McCain is against protectionism.

Source: Xinhua, September 16, 2008

Official Media Praises Obama’s China Think Tank as Pragmatic and Moderate

Xinhua carried an article sourced from Shanghai Morning Post which praised Obama’s “China Think Tank” to be “programmatic and moderate”. It said: “Among those 15 Obama’s China Think Tank members, majority of them came from Clinton’s foreign policy cabinet. They are very familiar with China affairs. Most of them are programmatic and moderate with good relationship with China.”

The article then introduced a few key members led by Senator Biden. The article cited: “Mr. Biden disagrees with ‘engagement and containment’, the two words that Bush administration uses in its China Policy. But rather, Congressman Biden favors ‘compete and cooperate’, which can be used to summarize what Obama’s China policy would look like. "

Source: Xinhua, September 12, 2008

Xinhua Reports Iranian President’s Comment: American Imperialism Has Come to the End

Xinhua posted a news article first reported by China News Agency about Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s comments on U.S. policy and its challenge to other country’s interests and national integrity. The report quoted Ahmadinejad who said the U.S. is facing a deadlock and continuous failure in every aspects, “American imperialism has come to a dead end, American philosophy, culture, and morale are no longer appealing to other people.” “No country likes American imperialism, its interference in all issues including international issues not only is of no help to solve the problems, it makes the problems more complicated.”

Source: Xinhua, September 8, 2008

CASS scholar: US is On Guard against the Emergence of China’s Soft Power

“The US is uneasy about the emergence of China’s soft power and will take measures to make up its own losses.” Fan Jishe told Global Times (Huan Qiu Shi Bao) referring to a report published by Congressional Research Studies (CRS) titled “Comparing Global Influence: China’s and U.S. Diplomacy, Foreign Aid, Trade, and Investment in the Developing World.” Fan said: “The US is concerned that China may compete with the US in its appeal to other countries.”

In referring to an earlier report, written by CRS under the request of Congressman Biden titled “China’s Foreign Policy and ‘Soft Power’ in South America, Asia, and Africa”, Fan said that the first report was focused on the definition of China’s soft power and its impact to the US-China relationship. The second one was to compare the soft power between China and US and U.S. foreign policy options in light of China’s emergence.

Fan is a researcher from Department of American Diplomacy at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Global Times, September 8, 2008
Comparing Global Influence: China’s and U.S. Diplomacy, Foreign Aid, Trade, and Investment in the Developing World, August 15, 2008
China’s Foreign Policy and ‘Soft Power’ in South America, Asia, and Africa

People’s Daily: If He Wins, Obama Could Bring Criminal Charges against Bush under People’s Daily cited the U.K. newspaper The Guardian saying that if Obama wins, he could bring criminal charges against Bush.  The official website stated, “Democratic Vice-President nominee Joe Biden said that if his party wins the presidential election, criminal charges could be brought against the Bush administration, hence the strongest stance demanding investigation of crimes during the Bush Administration.”

Source: People’s Daily, September 5, 2008

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