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CASS scholar: US is On Guard against the Emergence of China’s Soft Power

“The US is uneasy about the emergence of China’s soft power and will take measures to make up its own losses.” Fan Jishe told Global Times (Huan Qiu Shi Bao) referring to a report published by Congressional Research Studies (CRS) titled “Comparing Global Influence: China’s and U.S. Diplomacy, Foreign Aid, Trade, and Investment in the Developing World.” Fan said: “The US is concerned that China may compete with the US in its appeal to other countries.”

In referring to an earlier report, written by CRS under the request of Congressman Biden titled “China’s Foreign Policy and ‘Soft Power’ in South America, Asia, and Africa”, Fan said that the first report was focused on the definition of China’s soft power and its impact to the US-China relationship. The second one was to compare the soft power between China and US and U.S. foreign policy options in light of China’s emergence.

Fan is a researcher from Department of American Diplomacy at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Global Times, September 8, 2008
Comparing Global Influence: China’s and U.S. Diplomacy, Foreign Aid, Trade, and Investment in the Developing World, August 15, 2008
China’s Foreign Policy and ‘Soft Power’ in South America, Asia, and Africa

People’s Daily: If He Wins, Obama Could Bring Criminal Charges against Bush under People’s Daily cited the U.K. newspaper The Guardian saying that if Obama wins, he could bring criminal charges against Bush.  The official website stated, “Democratic Vice-President nominee Joe Biden said that if his party wins the presidential election, criminal charges could be brought against the Bush administration, hence the strongest stance demanding investigation of crimes during the Bush Administration.”

Source: People’s Daily, September 5, 2008

Bush Family Given Royal Treatment During Olympic Visit

In general, China’s state-run media has not shied away from attacking or even demonizing President George W. Bush, but coverage changed tone in an obvious way during the Olympics.

An article “Bush Family Hands in ‘China Transcripts’ (During Olympics)” by Xinhua’s newspaper International Herald Tribune touts that “[the fact that] Sino-U.S. Relations advanced to today’s level cannot be separated from Bush Senior and Junior’s efforts.”

In appreciation of Bush’s appearance at the Olympics, Bush’s whole family was invited to dinner at yíng tái in Zhongnanhai (an ocean platform in Zhongnanhai surrounded by water on three sides, formerly a recreation area for imperial wives and concubines). The building is rarely used and only a few foreign political leaders have been invited to the place, not to mention a foreign leader’s whole family.

Source: Xinhua, August 19, 2008

Study Times: Fundamental Changes Have Occurred in U.S. Policy Towards China

On August 11, Study Times, a publication of the Party School of the Communist Party of China, issued an article commenting on Bush’s trip to the Beijing Olympics. It stated that fundamental changes have taken place in the U.S. policy towards China during the 8 years of the Bush Administration. The changes are strategic and long term, in the following 5 categories: 1. Summit communications have produced remarkable results. 2. Cooperation platforms such as strategic economic dialogue have been institutionalized. 3. Military exchanges have been completely resumed. 4. There has been closer and more effective cooperation on major international issues such as North Korea nuclear crisis. 5. The two countries have joined hands in stabilizing the Taiwan Strait.

Source: Study Times, August 11, 2008

Bush Becomes Xinhua’s Favorite Target during Olympics

Using the key words “Bush” and “Olympics” to search within the website of China’s state media Xinhua returned well over 100 items from August 8-12. Bush, representing the important figures of Western “guests,” has been used as a symbol to boost the “grandiosity” of the Beijing Olympics. In Xinhua’s report on the opening ceremony, Bush’s picture entering the stadium with Hu Jintao was shown in the prime position. Below are a few samples of such report:
Bush Watches Olympics: “Very Exciting, Better than Expected”

Bush Praises Olympics Surpassing Expectation: “Feel Really Great”

Bush Is Absorbed in Watching Olympic Games; Wife Says Opening Ceremony “Wonderful’

Bush: Passionate Cheerleader

Narrating to His Wife in Advance, Bush Overjoyed by China-U.S. Men’s Basketball Game

Olympics: Chinese Internet Report on Team Darfur Member’s Visa Denial

U.S. media reports about an American reporter being denied a visa to China is spreading on Internet bulletin boards in China including those of the state-run media. The Chinese posting cited Radio Free Asia and San Jose Mercury News reporting that Kendra Zanotto, a 2004 bronze medallist from Los Gatos, California was to work as an expert synchronized swimming reporter for the Olympic News Service, an official arm of the Beijing Games. But the Chinese consulate in San Francisco denied her application, apparently due to her involvement in her affiliation with Team Darfur, an athlete-driven group seeking attention to West Darfur. The Chinese Internet posting stated that representative from the Chinese consulate in San Francisco cited her intent to immigrate at the grounds for the rejection.

Source:, July 28, 2008
San Jose Mercury News, July 23, 2008