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Diplomacy: China Lambasted Pompeo

For several days, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controlled mouthpieces have been using many curse words to denounce U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo. {Editor’s note: Pompeo announced publicly that there was “enormous evidence’ (from the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance) that the Coronavirus originated in a Wuhan lab}

#1: “[International Sharp Commentary] Pompeo, Who Is Spreading a ‘Political Virus,’ Is Turning Himself into an Enemy of the Human Race” – on April 27 (China Central Television (CCTV))

Since the pandemic outbreak, Pompeo, as the chief diplomat of the United States, is just like an “invisible man” and has done nothing for the prevention and control of the outbreak. On the other hand, he has been most active and fierce in pouring dirty water onto China and has regarded it as his “daily homework.”

Obviously, Pompeo’s actions have made the world clear: the epidemic is not a painful event in his eyes, and the life and death of the American people are irrelevant to him; his “favorite” job is “only to fulfill political self-interest and pursue geopolitics.”

To achieve his goal, Pompeo has created rumors and slurs to an extreme, obviously against rational and against human nature. One cannot help wondering whether he has lost his mind.

It seems that to a person like Pompeo, facts and truths do not exist. However, the louder his clamor, the more obvious his purpose to shirk responsibilities and hide his evil intentions. Facing the pandemic, Pompeo has been going further and further on the road of political investment, trying to use his poor performance to gain support from the conservative forces and help him achieve his personal ambitions towards the height of power.

Therefore, when it comes to accountability, Pompeo is one of the most to be blamed. As the chief diplomat of the United States, he did not show a little bit of professional integrity and responsibility in the face of the crisis. Instead, he continued to spread the “political virus,” provoke alienation, play tricks, continue to trample on the bottom line of human morality, and constantly interfere with international public health cooperation. He has become a stumbling block for all humanity to unite against the pandemic and has become an accomplice to the virus.

Lies and defamation cannot make up for lost time, cannot save lives on the verge of death, nor can they make the United States “great again.” Pompeo should know that the enemy of the United States is the virus, not China. Any act that undermines unity and undermines mutual trust will only exacerbate the crisis, weaken global synergy, and ultimately damage the US’s own interests. If Pompeo stands alone and continues to put political self-interest above public interests, then he will be abandoned by the American people and will remain in the hall of the infamous in the history of American diplomacy.

#2: “[Video] International Sharp Commentary: On April 28, Pompeo, Who Bears the ‘Four Sins’ Broke Through the Bottom Line of Being a Human”  (CCTV)

Sharp commentary pointed out that no Secretary of State in the United States’ history has done something like Pompeo to bring the “lying, deceiving, and stealing” practice from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to the American diplomacy circle, and thus dramatically ruined the U.S.’ reputation. Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Pompeo’s actions have broken through the bottom line of being a man.

Pompeo’s actions have been distrustful to the American people, overdrawn American diplomatic credibility, and harmed global anti-pandemic cooperation, which has become a huge shame and misfortune for the United States.

#3: “[International Sharp Commentary] Pompeo Who Is Trying to Coerce the World Health Organization (WHO) Is Challenging the Whole World” – on April 30 (CCTV)

After the outbreak, Pompeo stubbornly placed political prejudice and cold war thinking above professionalism, ignored the WHO’s warnings, distorted WHO’s international experience in pandemic prevention and control, and paralyzed and misled the American people. After the country’s pandemic situation became out of control, he came back to slam on the WHO, pushing the United States to rush along the dead end of unilateral policy.

This actually answers the international community’s questions to a certain extent: why does the world ’s only superpower have the highest number of diagnoses and deaths of the novel coronavirus in the world? It is precisely the unscrupulous politicians such as Pompeo who have seriously hindered the utilization of American resources and scientific and technological capabilities, and eventually caused the disaster. Faced with the death of so many innocent lives in the U.S., will cold-hearted Pompeo ever feel guilty?

#4: “How Long Will Such a Bad Performance Last? (by Zhongsheng, pen name for People’s Daily Editorial Commentary)” on April 30 (People’s Daily)

Ignoring the axioms, creating rumors, and provoking opposition have always been the marks that Pompeo stamped on American diplomacy.

However, Pompeo’s poor performance is not as simple as a game after all. The number one U.S. diplomat has expressed a series of lies and hurtful words, leaving a deep scar on the current international anti-pandemic cooperation.

As far as Sino-U.S. relations are concerned, Pompeo has vigorously hindered the cooperation in anti-pandemic cooperation between the two sides. People should apply special vigilance to his intensified shady mentality of confrontation strategy against China. In fact, many international observers have pointed out that since the United States has focused its national security strategy almost exclusively on the competition of major powers, the healthy and stable development of the international order is facing severe challenges.

No one knows how long Pompeo’s current “toxic” diplomatic style will last. People with clear minds are warning that the enemy of the United States is the virus, and blindly attacking and discrediting other countries will only cause more people to lose their lives. The only right way is to stop causing trouble and interference to the global solidarity, and effectively strengthen cooperation with other countries in the fight against the pandemic. That is to be responsible to the American people and to the people around the world.

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