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Guangming Daily: China To Develop its Own Software for National Security Concerns

Guangming Daily reported on a possible security risk for China. It pointed to the increasing popularity of desktop software applications, which could be used as weapons to control the network should a network war break out. The paper quoted Luo Jiangchun, CEO of, a popular Chinese website that distributes online movies. Luo argued that from a national security point of view, China should pay special attention to the particular issue (given that China’s desktop software market is dominated by foreign companies). “This presents a security risk not only for the individual’s propriety information, but also to China’s network.” The only way out of this dilemma is for China to bring its local software companies up to par, so that they will dominate the market and eliminate the need to rely on bringing foreign software into China.

Source: Guangming Daily, August 9, 2009

China News Agency: The U.S. Lowered Itself to China for Its National Interest

China News Agency quoted an article from the Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao commenting on the U.S.’ behavior at the First Round of Sino-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington, DC on July 27 and 28. Ming Pao said that Obama lowered himself to China, demonstrating the U.S.’ flexibility of being soft in exchange for its national interest.

However, how well the Sino-U.S. relationship goes depends on the following three main issues: 1. How much additional speaking power will the U.S. allow China to have in international organizations such as the IMF? 2. Will the U.S. stop the ban on selling advanced technologies to China? 3. When the U.S. economy stabilizes, will it reduce its spending or devalue the dollar to solve its financial problems but cause huge losses to China who owns a large amount of Treasury bonds?

Source: China News Agency, July 29, 2009

China Peaceful Reunification Association Establishes a Regional Hong Kong Association

The Hong Kong Regional branch of the China Peaceful Reunification Association was formed on July 30. At the ceremony at the Hong Kong Convention Center, Du Qinglin, Minister of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, said the Hong Kong Association will build a bridge to promote exchange between the two sides (China and Taiwan); firmly defend national unification and territorial integrity; continuously expand the force to promote reunification and prevent (Taiwan’s) independence.

The President of the Hong Kong Regional Association, Gao Jingde, outlined three areas for the association to focus on: 1. Actively connect with the organizations and individuals in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas to form a peaceful reunification force; 2. Promote trade and exchange of culture, education, technology, media, sports, and tourism; 3. Conduct real and good work for a peaceful relationship between the two sides.

Source: United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee

International Herald: China’s J-10 Fighter Goes to South China Sea

Around August 1, the PLA Daily reported that the Air Force in the Guangzhou Military Command conducted a J-10 fighter aerial refueling. The International Herald explained that J-10 is the most advanced fighter jet in China. Its flying range is 3,400 km and effective air combat radius is 700 km. As the islands and water in the South China Sea that China and ASEAN countries dispute are over 1,000 km from China’s mainland, the aerial refueling resolved the J-10’s flying limitation.

The International Herald further commented that this is a milestone for China’s Air Force to go beyond land-based defense, an announcement that China will expand its control of the air and sea, and a demonstration of China’s joint combat capability between the Air Force and the Navy as the J-10 is taking on what is traditionally the Naval Air Force’s responsibility.

Source: International Herald, August 3, 2009

China Deputy Foreign Minister: 75 Event Is a Criminal Act Planned by Overseas Forces

He Yafei, the Deputy Foreign Minister of China, re-stated on July 22, that the “75” (July 5) event in Xinjiang is China’s domestic affair. Fundamentally, it is not a race issue, nor a religion issue, but a severe violent criminal act carefully planned and organized by the overseas “three forces” (a term used by the Chinese government to refer to terrorists, separatists, and religion extremists – Ed).

He stated that Rebiya Kadeer conducts activities outside China, including in the US, to divide China. “The Chinese are fully aware of this. The US should also be fully aware of it. (I) hope the US restricts Rebiya from using US land to conduct separation activities (against China).”

Sources: Xinhua, July 23, 2009

JNOC News: China’s New Diplomacy Direction

China News Agency quoted a report from Japan New Overseas Chinese News (JNOC News), on Hu Jintao’s speech at the 11th Conference of China’s Diplomatic Envoy to Foreign Countries. JNOC News stated that Hu’s speech has given direction for China’s new diplomacy approaches. Diplomacy activities will focus on six areas: economic development, national security, targeted large countries, culture promotion, rights protection (for overseas Chinese), and harmony.

On National Security, Hu stated that diplomacy should firmly safeguard national sovereignty, territorial integrity, and interests. The core is the “One China” principle. That’s Chinese diplomacy’s “red line” that can’t be crossed. It is believed that China will be more aggressive against the Dalai Lama and Xinjiang separatists and pressure their international space. As for the South Sea, China will be firm on any area of land or water, but might exercise control to avoid escalating a situation to cause regional instability.

On rights protection, China wants to extend its influence to develop networks and protect the rights and interests of Chinese citizens and overseas Chinese (people with a Chinese origin but of other nationalities). “Our brothers are all over the world.” “(Let them) come to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate when they run into problems.”

Source: China News Agency, July 22, 2009

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